Bookish Candle Review.

Flick the Wick are the 4th lot of bookish candles I’ve ordered and they are by far my favourite.

As a company they were excellent to deal with. My candles were sent promptly and arrived in a relatively short period of time considering they were going from the USA to New Zealand. It was easy to pay, contact them and discuss anything too, which is not always the case as I have discovered with other sellers I have ordered from.
They all arrived beautifully packaged. All were in individual boxes and wrapped, which again is important if you’re shipping something halfway round the globe. All the candles were in perfect condition and exactly like what was represented on their site. The labels are really clear and are easy to read with great graphics.

The scents are beautiful. This was probably the most important aspect. Out of the set, my favourites are the Aelin candle which is the orange one pictured and the second is the Bibliophile candle. The rest are really good too, but these are heavenly. I highly recommend them! Do you have a favorite bookish candle seller?


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  1. I’ve looked at some of those different candles and wondered about buying them. I like the idea, Unfortunately, I buy candles, sniff them, then forget to actually burn them. LOL Too often they smell nicer just to sniff than when burning. There is one for Sherlock Holmes I think that sounded nice. I like spicey smells. But I’ve never actually ordered any.

    1. I did grab a Sherlock one from another seller. Smells awful. Lid stays on that one. Looks pretty tho! 😂 There’s another store called Frost Beard. They look cool too!

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