Nevermoor : The Trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend.

Morrigan Crow’s fate is to die at midnight on her 11th birthday. She is cursed by bad luck and is often blamed by the locals for anything that goes wrong the town of Jackalfax. Although I think she’d beg to differ! Her family feels she is a burden and all the while her mortality seems to hang over her.

Just as things start to become even worse for poor Morrigan, she is spirited away by a mysterious, dashing and ginger Jupiter North to Nevermoor. Her luck appears to turn when she discovers she has been chosen to take part in trials to join the Wundrous Society. This could mean being able to stay in Nevermoor forever and live well beyond her 11th birthday. But, to join she has to prove she can complete the tasks set out by the Society and also demonstrate that she has an extraordinary talent. Which could be a problem, as she doesn’t appear to have a talent, other than her cursed, bad luck…

I loved this book and found it hugely entertaining. I think the entire time I was reading Nevermoor I was wearing an enormous smile. There are plenty of laugh out loud moments, some epic snark and silliness and much adventure. Morrigan is such a misery at the beginning of the story, complete with Wednesday Adams fashion sense, mulishness and a deep longing for something better, something happier. The world building was unique and I kept having visions of a luxurious version of The Grand Budapest when reading about the Hotel Deucalion. Fab secondary characters and I am hoping Morrigan’s new friends get a little more page time in future books.

I think if you’re a fan of Dahl and Rowling you’ll see some parallels, but the story felt original and fresh. I loved it. I’ve even banged on at length to friends and family to go buy this not only for their children but themselves too! A clever, funny, smile on your face read that was hard to put down.

Grade A





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Book description

1858 – Warring mages open up a vast inland sea that splits the United States in two. With the floodwaters come creatures from a long distant past. What seems like the End Times forges a new era of heroes and heroines who challenge tradition, law, and even death as they transform the old west into a new world.

In the heart of dinosaur country a laconic trapper and a veteran mage risk treason to undertake a secret mission.

A brilliant magician and her beautiful assistant light up stages with the latest automaton, but the secrets both of them are hiding test their trust in each other and pit them against one of the most powerful men in the world.

At the wild edge of the Inland Sea, amidst crocodiles and triceratops, an impoverished young man and a Pinkerton Detective must join forces to outmaneuver a corrupt judge and his gunmen.


September wrap up.

I think I read a few less books this month. Work was a little crazy and I’m not sure it’s going to get any better before Christmas. Ughh. I do love my job though, but I do think full time reader nerd would be a super fab profession.

Read in September.
A- ~ Rule Breaker by Lily Morton. I loved this! Definitely picking up more from this author. I love her voice.
C ~ The Summer of Us by Lily Morton
A ~ Gotham Academy by Becky Cloonan. Scooby and cute.
B ~ Lumber Janes by Noelle Stevenson. Funny!
C ~ First and Goal by Kata Cuic
C ~ The Fifth Postulate: A Sherlock Holmes Story
B ~ The Rule of Luck by Catherine Cerveny. I really liked this! I’ve downloaded the 2nd book. 😊
~ Nevermoor : The Trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend. Omg. Love. Buy it!!!!
C ~ Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart.
I reread also read Kulti and The Wall of Winnipeg. Love these two books! The pic is of my haul this month and my current tbr. I finished If there’s no tomorrow this afternoon. Ohhhh, the angst!!! I hope you’ve had some fab reads this month too!!!

Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart

Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart is out now. It was a different read for me and while I liked it, it was one that I put down pretty easily. It definitely reminded me of The Talented Mr Rilpley, obviously with female characters. Lots of sneaky twists and turns.

The story of a young woman whose diabolical smarts are her ticket into a charmed life. But how many times can someone reinvent themselves? You be the judge.

Imogen is a runaway heiress, an orphan, a cook, and a cheat.
Jule is a fighter, a social chameleon, and an athlete.
An intense friendship. A disappearance. A murder, or maybe two.
A bad romance, or maybe three.
Blunt objects, disguises, blood, and chocolate. The American dream, superheroes, spies, and villains.
A girl who refuses to give people what they want from her.
A girl who refuses to be the person she once was.

Grace C

Temporary by Sarina Bowen and Sarah Mayberry

Temporary by Sarina Bowen and Sarah Mayberry is out today. This is a super hot contemporary romance. Grace is working as a temp, hoping it will turn into a long term position. She has some pretty heavy responsibilities, and meets Callan while she is working. Callen is anything but responsible! But he is completely charming and Grace finds herself being slowly won over. This was a cute read and worth a nosey. Check it out at the links below!

Grade B-

August Wrap Up.

This month has felt like a slower reading month than July for sure. I think I read 18 books and comics last month and this month I only read 10. Fatigue, work kicking my ass and having the kid plus his gf home again has meant life is a bit crazy at the moment. Nice, but busy!

I read more from Paper Girls, which I loved and also the fantastic Illegal Contact and a new Ellie Marney book. Hope you’ve all had a fab reading month. Do share your recs in the comments, I am always on the lookout for a good read!

A ~ Illegal Contact by Santino Hassell. OMG I loved this.
Amazon Gooreads
A ~ Wildfire by Ilona Andrews. Great end to the series
Amazon Goodreads
A ~ No Limits by Ellie Marney. I really love this authors voice
Amazon Goodreads
A ~ Paper Girls V2 and V3. Beautiful, felt like the 80s and I just love it!
Amazon Volume 2 Amazon Volume 3 Goodreads
B ~ Spectred Isle by KJ Charles. Good start to a new series.
Amazon Goodreads
B ~ Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor. Beautiful prose, good start, but the pacing wasn’t always lively.
Amazon Goodreads
C ~ Fallen Heir by Erin Watt
Amazon Goodreads
D ~ Until it Fades by KA Tucker
Amazon Goodreads
D ~ Permanent Ink by Avon Gale and Piper Vaughn
Amazon  Goodreads

Fallen Heir by Erin Watt.

This was another drama fuelled episode in The Royals. I love the angst in this series, and some of the completely over the top characters and situations.

It did take me a little longer to get into this one. I love the character of Easton so much and he’s definitely got a lot of issues to work through. I found being in his head a little difficult at times and I wonder if this is more of a personal thing for me. I found I didn’t identify as much with him as I did with Hartley and I think it is because I prefer reading from a female POV. I know out of all the books, Paper Princess is my favourite, which was from Ella’s POV. The rest of the books have alternating POV, which I didn’t enjoy as much. Possibly just me I think!

Still, these books are completely addictive. I’m completely invested, and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

Grace C


Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

If you’ve enjoyed Laini Taylor’s previous books, I’d say this should definitely be at the top of your to be read pile. The writing style is incredibly lush. I found it was something I wanted to savour and take slowly, rather than rush through. There are some truly beautiful passages in the book that make this a truly dreamy fantasy.

The pacing of the first third of the book was a little slower than I would have liked. I think I am used to a shorter format and cracking pace. There was a lot of set up with Lazlo, his obsession with Weep, his rather shadowy backstory and his interactions with the current ruling family where he lives. I loved the scenes in the library. Being a library fan, I was rather fond of his time there. I enjoyed the growth of his character. He has a quiet kind of strength, which I appreciated.

The time in Weep was fascinating and while some elements are telegraphed so there were not too many surprises, I found it incredibly engaging. Particularly the last third, which I felt was a little more tightly written. I am now rather impatient to see what happens next as we’re left with some things resolved, but more urgent matters we left hanging. Beautifully written.

Grade B+


Illeagal Contact by Santino Hassell

I loved this book. I’ve already re read it twice. It has all the elements I like in a contemporary sports romance and it hit all the right notes.

Gavin is a total grump, who I am quite sure just needs a few pats. He just wants to play football on his own terms and not be referred to as just some rough kid who’s made good. To him, this seems like no ones business but his own. He’s an incredibly loyal friend and it’s this that gets him in to trouble in the first part of the book. Plus a slightly crappy temper. When Noah comes into his life as a much needed PA, Gavin’s dealing with being housebound and admittedly seems to also be angling for jerk of the year. Noah however has some serious patience and begins to see Gavin has more than a few redeeming features.

Noah has a history of making bad decisions in his love life, and is pretty sure falling for his current employer would be a super rubbish idea. However, when he discovers Gavin might just be completely grumpy BUT kinda wonderful and bi, all bets are off and it gets incredibly hot, pretty damn quick. Omg. This book.

I loved Illegal Contact. This has some of my absolute favourite tropes, a grumpy hero, close proximity, bi representation, friendship, sport and romance. It was just perfect. Straight onto the keeper shelf, and I am dying to read the next book in the series.

Grade A



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