Abroad by Liz Jacobs

This was a super cute new adult romance. Nick has moved to England to complete his university study. Alone in a new country he meets and becomes a part of a diverse group of friends and meets Dex. I enjoyed the slow burn romance between him and Dex, it made for some pretty sweet and steamy reading. Nick is truly struggling with his identity and coming out and Dex was utterly perfect for him. 

For me though, the real star of the show though, was Izzy. Her story is intertwined with Dex and Nick’s and I found her completely addictive to read and I have my fingers crossed that she gets her own book. A great debut. 

4 Stars. 

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Challenge day! Read on and win… 😊 – Happy release day to…

Challenge day! Read on and win… 😊

Happy release day to Liz Jacobs! Abroad is out today! 💗⭐️

This is a super cool lgbtq novel about Nick, who leaves everything he knows to go and study abroad. It was a super cool read. I’ll post the synopsis in the comments and a link to my blog for a longer review. Suffice to say, I enjoyed it loads and totally fell for one of the characters. Omg. Izzy. 😍💗

How you can participate and win things: post photos that fit the theme of the day using the hashtag #AbroadRelease, tag author Liz Jacobs @somemetaphor and A Novel Take PR @anoveltakepr and that will enter you in a giveaway to win an ebook copy of the book!

My theme is #dreamtrip My dream is to go to the US. Maybe to some cons or RT??!! 😍 Plus NY. And….. everywhere else. 😁😂 I’ve always wanted to go. We traveled to Japan 2 years ago and loved it. I remember as a kid having a world map on my wall and pins of where I’d visit when I was older. 😁😊 NZ is so far from anything that it’s a total hike to get anywhere. Do share your dream trip in the comments. And post a pic!

And – check out the other fab accounts who’ll be hosting this book tour.








They’re all run by some of my favorite folks, so go check out their accounts!! 💗⭐️

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I’m a bit pop vinyl obsessed. Today’s prompt…

I’m a bit pop vinyl obsessed. Today’s prompt #funkolove is totally me. 😂 I’m pretty sure they give my partner the creeps. 😁💗 This funko is #edithcushing from the movie #crimsonpeak A totally fab gothic horror. 😍

Insight by #santinohassell is out and it’s awesome. Cannot wait for the final book. Six is totally my favorite. 😍

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Book mail = the best mail! I received Nalini Singh’s…

Book mail = the best mail! I received Nalini Singh’s latest #silversilence via @hachettenz Super spoilt. I cannot wait to read it. It’s a new chapter in the #psychangeling series. Much excite. If you’re into paranormal romance and urban fantasy definitely pick her books up. 😍💗

I’m starting a new #flatlay theme as there’s no light. Feedback via DM much appreciated. 😳😊💗

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#BooksOfJune17 – #bookmerch #candles Omg. I love candles. 😁💗

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Abroad Instagram Tour!

Abroad is out 6/27 so let’s celebrate with 8 days of beautiful #bookstagram photos hosted by some of the coolest accounts!

What it is: for eight days, stop by each of the hosts to see their photos of Abroad and take part in the daily theme challenge.

How you can participate and win things: post photos that fit the theme of the day using the hashtag #AbroadRelease, tag the host, Liz Jacobs (@somemetaphor), and A Novel Take PR (@anoveltakepr) and that will enter you in a giveaway to win the book!


Sunday. I’ve been reading a fantastic book today from…

Sunday. I’ve been reading a fantastic book today from Santino Hassell called Oversight. It’s so damn good! I’ll be posting about a giveaway sometime next week, so keep an eye out. You’ll want to read this one. Is good!

I also have another post with a giveaway coming up on the 28th for Abroad. Details of both giveaways will be on my blog, which I’ll link to in my profile.

I love candles from #flickthewick they smell delicious and are a seriously good product. This is Love Potion. 💗

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Small Change by Roan Parrish.

Small Change was an emotional read for me. Ginger’s journey and her growing awareness of finding some balance was so well written. I think it depicted very accurately what it is like to be a woman in a profession and striving for excellence. And, hello toxic masculinity, and some serious frustration and anger. The writing about tattooing captured perfectly that relationship between artist and subject too. So good!

One of the stronger parts of the book for me was Ginger’s anger. It really resonated, even to the point of making it an uncomfortable read. The confusion and inadvertent pain and distress anger can cause made me totally teary because women are just not supposed to feel this way and yet of course we do. Seriously. It was so refreshing to read this. For me, as a pretty angry youth, this was depicted perfectly. The frustration, impotence and sheer pissed off feeling and tone were completely on point and vivid. How she struggles to deal with these feelings was poignant. I thought about this a lot after I’d finished reading.

I loved the relationships that Ginger had with her friends and the queer representation. They were a found family, which is a theme I really enjoy. That idea that family is who you surround yourself with. I hope there are friends books!

Christopher was well written, seriously hot and I loved his red hair, kind heart and willingness to be vulnerable. The fit together so beautifully and were exactly what the other needed while being by no means perfect. They were such a great couple and just fit.  This was a total treat, beautifully written and well worth a read.

5 Stars.
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Relationship Status by K.A. Mitchell.

This is the 3rd book in the Ethan and Wyatt  series, about a young couple who meet at University. I really like these new adult books and was eager to read this final volume. The first two dealt with their initial meeting and both of the characters learning to trust and love. This final books is more about adulting and learning to live together.

As always, K.A. Mitchell, writes sweet, angsty and hot relationships that are realistic and enjoyable. This latest installment was great final chapter in their romance and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I did find myself a little on edge initially as I kept thinking something truly horrendous was going to happen, but it didn’t eventuate and I felt the 2nd half of the book was stronger as a result. Lots of learning, compromise and growing up.

A great read and a lovely final book.

4 Stars

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher. 

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