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bengal-rabbit-tiger-bunny-closeupBecause I have not read a decent book in a day or so and don’t want to write a bitchy review of a book that was like pulling teeth to read, WHICH I ended up not finishing AND think was a bloody waste of bloody money  want some happy, fluffy bunnies to write about on my blog,  I thought I’d share a few of my favorite series.

I do like a good series and they always look nice sitting grouped on my shelf. Except when bastard publishers change the cover artist. It messes with the symmetry. Uber book geek much?

Occasionally, I do wonder if authors get a maggot on the brain and should just stop when they’re ahead and not flog the last inch of life out of their characters and worlds have drifted into a nauseating sameness. I feel compelled to keep reading in the often vein hope that the original quintessence returns. Or maybe it’s to make sure she/he has not killed off my favorite characters! At this point I usually email my tame librarian and ask if they’ll get it in. Self confessed book geek AND quite budget conscious!

stephanie-plum-rexThere are those special ones though that keep you hanging on each year till the next one comes out. The ones you buy in hardcover even though it might mean eating carrots for the next week and have characters in them that become old, and dear friends. These friends are good to pull out when one is feeling particularly low, or desperate for good writing. Or, maybe one might just be perusing back through the really good grubby bits. 

Here are a few books that I have enjoyed and often re-read in no particular order. 


First up is the lovely bishie goodness that is the Heaven Sent series by Jet Mykles. Boy band slash and smexy goodness. Spent far too much time watching MGMT and Placebo videos after reading these. And Fanservice? O-o The Child’s Prey books by Anne Cain & Barbara Sheridan, also cool, are totally yaoi and have pretty covers.

stolen-kelley-armstrongThe Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong. She has smart heroines that kick ass, one of which is Elena from Bitten and Stolen. She rocks! I currently have Personal Demon waiting to be read.


landlord-charlaine-harrisCharlaine Harris continues to be a standout for me. I adore her Sookie Stackhouse series and those wicked covers! But, my favorite heroine has to be Lily Bard, who is a dark, damaged and complex character, which I re read at least once a year. The Harper Connelly Mysteries are also very readable… aw, just go buy everything she’s ever written! (and, Eric, merow). 


Josh Lanyon and his  Adrien English mystery novels. Much thought provoking goodness. And Jake. More merow. Now I want them all in paperback, yesssss my precious.

jll_withcautionThe With or Without series by JL Langley. Yes, I admit it, the scene that has Jake telling Remi – Be still, pup, and don’t come is WELL thumbed. Hanging out for the next one.


Kresley Cole’s series the Immortals After Dark are great reading. Tight writing and each one is consistantly good and does not have me grinding my teeth! (like some authors who should have let her boys just be together instead of inventing stupid ghost characters and insipid milquetoast vamp females. grrrr) Not to mention the covers of the first three books are so pretty. stephanie-plum-5

I think after about seven or eight books this one gets a little annoying, but Janet Evanovich and her Stephanie Plum series is a fun read despite that. The only author other than Katie MacAlister that I have been banned from reading in bed. Laughed and giggled so much I kept waking the other occupant.

mooncalled300Patricia Briggs got picked up initially because I liked the covers and once read I totally fell for Mercy Thompson. She is gutsy and the books are just that little bit different from normal paranormal dross.

collision-course-ka-mitchellKA Mitchell has not written a series as such but does have reoccurring characters. LOVe her books.



Really, you cannot go past Laurell K. Hamilton. She has rabid detractors, which is unfortunate, but I do like her Meredith Gentry and Anita Blake series a great deal. Unfortunately, because we get books from the UK and the US there is no way I’d keep all the covers the same unless I was totally anal and ordered all of them from one source. What I am is impatient, so I usually just grab what is there.  

Hope you’re all having a wonderful start to the new year and are getting some lovely reading done. 😉 Feel free to share your good reads also, as I am in dire need!

The Englor Affair by J. L. Langley

the-englor-affair-jl-langleyIn hiding who he was, Payton found himself…and the man he would grow to love.
After his brother is kidnapped, Prince Payton Townsend masquerades as an Admiral’s assistant in order to track the culprits through the tangled mysteries of the planet Englor. He finds way more than he bargained for in the form of Marine Colonel Simon Hollister.
Simon is no ordinary soldier. He’s heir to Englor and his life is mapped out for him: throne, bride, and eventually an heir. He never expected a dalliance with Payton to blossom into love, or that the organization that taught him to lead would threaten that love-and their lives.
Danger and intrigue abound as they learn more about their shared enemy, and about each other. What they learn could help them rise above to an enduring love-or pull them apart.
From Samhain Publishing. 

So after months of teasers about Payton and Simon the boys are finally here. If you’ve not already got this weighty tome of an ebook, best you shift your toot and get it now. It is 295 pages of delicious Sci-Regency Romance that is not to be missed. 

One element that I kept coming back to in this book is that it is a regency romance. Payton for all intents and purposes has been as cloistered as a nun. Despite the odd foray without a chaperone, also known as the household computer back on his home planet, he is quite innocent in many ways. All this comes to a bit of an end when he hies off to assist the goodness that is Nate on a dangerous mission on Englor. He is certainly more than capable with his mad tech skills. Geeky and cute!

cuddle1So, here he is far from his home on Regelence and minus duenna. What’s a poor boy to do? Fall into the den of iniquity that is the marine base gym of course! Hoo Ahh? Where he meets Simon of the auburn locks and muscular physique. The dynamic between the two men is electric and Payton is like a kid in a candy shop (50 cent song in my head as I write… grubby, bad man) with all the naked men casually undressing, working out and heavens to Betsy showering. But Payton is made of sturdy stuff and does not disappoint with a swoon. Although, he does do a bit of fleeing later in the chapter. JL Langley is just so incredibly good at building that tension and keeping you turning that page till the wee small hours. I totally have bags under my eyes after her books!

The sexual tension was different from My Fair Captain which was cool. I always worry in a series that I am going to get a carbon copy of the previous book. The voice is different from last time. It is certainly not polite regency romance sex with nighties on and the lamp low either! It was bawdy, hot and definitely fit the the story and for those more delecate flowers avert your gaze. I was most impressed that the scenes did not feel like she had a list she was ticking off with big free for all at end, it just flowed. This book seemed less about the power dynamic in the relationship and more about having one hell of a time and yet it did not overshadow the mystery and action in the plot.

blog-fan-girlsThe world building is tight and I enjoyed the almost steam punk feel I got occasionally. Englor is so very much like regency England but with spaceships. It was also so nice to have small cameos from Nate, Aidan and the rest of the family and I am already rubbing my hands together in anticipation of the next one! 

I think this has to be one of my favorite series for cover art. As far as slick marketing goes I think Samhain Publishing and the artist definitely got this right. It is gorgeous and I love the colours. Roll on the paperback version because these two books are going to look gorgeous on my shelf!
my-fair-captain-jl-langley  the-englor-affair-jl-langley

I did enjoy this book. Immensely. I think JL Langley is a talented author and she just keeps getting better. I am not sure which I like best in the series either, might have to mull that one over!

So go read it! You can go get the book here from Samhain Publishing.
JL Langley’s Website.

My Fair Captain by J. L. Langley.

Talk about a compromising situation!

A storm of political intrigue, murderous mayhem and sexual hungers is brewing on planet Regelence.

Swarthy Intergalactic Navy Captain Nathaniel Hawkins ran from a past he had no intention of ever reliving. But when his Admiral asks him to use his peerage, as an earl and the heir to a dukedom, to investigate a missing weapons stash, he’s forced to do just that. As if being undercover on a Regency planet where the young men are supposed to remain pure until marriage isn’t bad enough, Nate finds himself attracted to the king’s unmarried son.

All Prince Aiden Townsend has ever wanted was to be an artist. He has no interest in a marriage of political fortune or becoming a societal paragon. Until he lands in the arms of the mysterious Earl of Deverell. One look at Nate’s handsome face has Aiden reconsidering his future. Not only does Nate make a virile subject for Aiden’s art, but the great war hero awakens feelings in Aiden he has never felt, feelings he can’t ignore.

After a momentous dance at a season ball, Aiden and Nate find themselves exchanging important information and working closely together. They have to fight their growing attraction long enough to find out who stole the weapons and keep themselves from a compromising situation and certain scandal.

After seeing a few reviews for this recently I was compelled to do a re read, cause this book is just that good. I initially picked this up after seeing it sitting pretty on The Naughty Bits, I mean who could resist that cover? Shallow, much! I think the 1st time I read it I did not stop till it was done. Then, I counted the days till payday to placate the beleaguered credit card so I could get another Langley fix!

Aiden is so engrossed in his art and has no aspirations toward marriage. He is so innocent for a man of his age but not nauseatingly so, he certainly has backbone and is utterly captivated with Nate. The society is based on that of the Regency period and works well. It reminded me of a steampunk or cyberpunk kind of novel, errr minus the steam. Young men are chasete until marriage and this was one aspect of the world building that I was not sure would work, would they be kinda girly? I wondered if it would take away from their masculinity and how real blokes are just blokes. Weird thought, I know. But this was not the case. it was handled well and the fact that they respected this custom was seemless. I found Aiden to be an utterly charming character with surprising inner strength who was a perfect foil for Nate who is kinda dark and broody and hard and oh man, he is so drooly!

Nate is a bit of a strong, silent type who has risen fast in the ranks due to hard work and is a man worthy of respect. He has not had an easy life getting to where he is and this holds him back from becoming more intimate emotionally with Aiden. He is also aware that he is a Captain and has a duty to do his job and not totally debauch the local Royalty! Excellent self control…most of the time. He has a son, who he has adopted, after finding him abandoned in some space port. Awwww, guy with kid. (kid is a total hardass and cute to boot, hoping he gets book???)  Nate is just smokin and there is just a wee bit of top peaking out through the chest hair. Merow!

 I guess the best part for me of the book was the world building and the closeness of Nate and Aiden. The scenes with them alone in the lift, and when they’re kind figuring out the bad guys, are just beautiful, intimate and loving. Aidens obsession with Nate’s beard is so endearing and the smexin is incredibly hot. I would advise a close proximity to a freezer or fan when reading.

For an excerpt of the next novel go here.

Get the goodness here.

Screen licking.

Is it wrong to want to lick the lead sing of MGMT all over?? Damm hawt bit of smexin goodness…which you can check out here and here. AND you can search here for photos of MGMT…or so I’ve been told.

1/2 way through Hot Weather by Matthew Haldeman-Time. Pretty good so far, it is only short, like 60 pages. A mere morsel! Downloaded Gadarene after seeing loads of reviews, had to check it out. Will be the weekend read. Feeling like I need a J. L. Langely fix…TEA cannot come soon enough, especially after her post at Fiction with Friction… rough sex? She just makes it sound so good?! Am so hanging out for the weekend it has been a week.

Maybe a little screen licken goodness might just make it all better and maybe some Jonathan Rhys Meyers?

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