Shelter Review – Gay Comic Geek.

I found this on the Gay Comic Geeks youtube site. He does a really cool review of Shelter which Jen suggested I watch. I have now watched it more than once! If you’ve not seen it, do. I’d also recommend Beautiful Thing which I saw the other week. The actress in the movie who plays Jamie’s mother, Linda Henry, is quite incredible. The tagline for Beautiful Thing is *An urban fairytale.*

Anywho, please enjoy the review of Shelter! 

You can also check out his blog here. Thank you GCG!!!!

Longhorns by Victor J. Banis.

A bawdy love story set on the Texas plains. Longhorns ranges from hard riding action and sex as hot as the blazing Texas sun to lyrical descriptions of the Old West.

As I said in my post down the ways it is so nice for my inner bibliophile to have an actual book in hand. Victor J. Banis has written a grand story and although I did throughly enjoy it sometimes the utopia that was the ranch was a little hard to suspend the disbelief about. But, as is suggested in the introduction, that it is a response to BBM? I’ll take this any day thanks.

Les the, foreman of the Double H ranch, is out on the range bringing in the herd when young Buck, a part Nasoni Indian cowboy rides up looking for a job. He proves himself very capable right from the get go and becomes a well liked member of the ranch through hard work, skill at roping, riding errr…horses and his sunny nature. Les is a constant lure to Buck and he does not hold back with the provocative comments and lingering looks which drives Les just a wee bit crazy. Les finds dealing with Buck’s attraction for him rather difficult, and tends to do much stomping around and surliness which made me smile.

The smexin is hot and you’re so ready for it to happen you might find yourself cheerleading on the sidelines like I did. Loved the angst, fightin words and pretty much the whole book and apart from the utopia meh, it was a cool historical m/m read. The cowboy feel of washing outside in the trough, eating biscuits and riding off into the sunset was vivd. As I was reading, I could not help but think of my absolute fav cowboys from J.L. Langley and am just a bit tempted to do some re reading. This was such a pleasure to become absorbed in and the inner covetous, geeky, bibliophile is seriously content… and maybe there was purring! 

Get the goodness here


I perused through Victor’s site last night and sent him a hi hello, as you do! Imagine my delight (and ok, fan girl squeeing) when I got a reply. I just saw this post at his site and it is definitely worth a look, an article via Publishers Weekly.

Have no idea what to read next. Just know whatever it is I must go to bed early!!

Getting good book from young and cute.

Did much time wasting time on The Surrealist today, thank you Ally Blue via Lisabea! Total time suck! Heh. My fav was The Cock is Mightier than the Sword, brilliant! Yeah, yeah, puerile I know!

When I was not being lured by the call on the blogs or internets I went shopping. I am a bit of a crap shopper, I go in, I get, I go. Not into too much browsing around, unless it is a bookstore. Now there I could happily spend an hour or so.

Todays mission was to find two books suggested by Jenb after posting here. Book shops here can be pretty crap here but the beloved and I hiked around several blocks and through a whole 3 book stores today in the city. The man has stamina!

I finally found a good GLBT section in the last store and was thrilled to find Longhorns by Victor J. Banis. I don’t have many of my m/m in print really, most are in ebook format. So, to have something in print is kinda great as I have serious coveting issues only another true bibliophile would understand!


Then I had a pretty cool time at the counter. I took the book up and handed it over and this gorgeous young guy (glasses, curly hair, about 1000 yrs younger than me, glasses) said, Hey, this is a really cool book, AND then the girl next to him said, Yeah it is, I loved it. It was so cool and I felt less of a geek than I usually do buying yaoi manga or mooching in the GLBT section. He then took me back over to the table and suggested another couple of books I might like and we then talked about books. He was so passionate about his reading and I am so going back! He gave me good book! The beloved watched on with eyebrow raised, he is such a god, and he did not tell me once to get my ass into gear. A god I tell you!

So, happy with my purchases and settling in for a good weekend of reading and anticipating my online order arriving of this and this. Thanks Jenb! Anyone read The Back Passage? Think I saw that, so might have to whip into the city next weekend and pick it up… :o) Good night for rain on the roof reading.

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