Hero by Perry Moore.

cover_hero hero-perry-mooreThis will definitely be added to the to buy list after watching Paul’s review. Obviously a good read! There is a great interview here with Perry Moore and check out his website and his hero list.

I’ve also seen a great post at Heroes and Hunks, 104 LGBT Super Heroes, Villains and Supporting Cast, (NSFW) which is incredibly cool and has some great artwork. I especially love the Wiccan and Hulkling pics from Dronio, god his work is just incredible. (Been thinking of getting his Magna Veritas, apart from the whole me reading French thing heh :)).

X-Factor #45 Rictor and Shatterstar by Gay Comic Geek

Below is a new comic review from Paul. It looks super cool and I have checked in the city and have one put aside. As I’m mooching round home at the moment, I need something to read!!! Might, as Paul suggests, read the rest of the series too, backstory being important and all. heh. He also mentions Fanboi who posted about the series originally. He has a very cool website called Heroes and Hunks, which is definitely worth a nosey.

Reignbow & Dee-Va by Brian Andersen.

A cool review of Brian Andersen’s Reignbow & Dee-Va, by the the lovely Paul. I totally enjoyed this comic and you should read it! I must say I have to agree with Paul and hope it is not just a one off as it would be cool to have a series of this ass kicking goodness! Brian is so clever but not only that it is so cool to see him teaming up with different artists and creating much goodness!

Shelter Review – Gay Comic Geek.

I found this on the Gay Comic Geeks youtube site. He does a really cool review of Shelter which Jen suggested I watch. I have now watched it more than once! If you’ve not seen it, do. I’d also recommend Beautiful Thing which I saw the other week. The actress in the movie who plays Jamie’s mother, Linda Henry, is quite incredible. The tagline for Beautiful Thing is *An urban fairytale.*

Anywho, please enjoy the review of Shelter! 

You can also check out his blog here. Thank you GCG!!!!

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