Trustworthy by Astrid Amara

This is the second book in the sci-fi  Policy of Lies series and is a solid follow up. Ivo and Mack were involved when they were younger, but they’re separated after a battle with rebel forces. Years later Ivo, with no memory of his past, ends up taking Mack prisoner and the reunion begins.

It is definitely not all hearts and flowers and our heroes are certainly made to work for their happily ever. They’re on opposing sides of a corporation war and this becomes more apparent with a few surprising admissions from Mack. I enjoyed the world building, which was pretty dark and oppressive. There was plenty of snarky tension between the leads and it was super hot. Ivo has a unique and refreshing voice, despite his memory loss and I just adored Mack.

This was definitely enjoyable, but it felt a little short. If anything,  I wanted a little more from the novel, longer maybe and more depth. Good read and I recommend you check out A Policy of Lies. 

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.
4 Stars


Lord of the White Hell is out! Woot! If you’ve not ordered it then do. It’s such an amazingly cool book and one of my favourites from this year. I’ve been reading a little – mainly paranormal and mystery paperbacks. I find I have very little patience with TSTL female characters though. The ending of the last Rachel Gibson I read nearly sent me over the edge. Bleh! Currently I’m reading free stuff via Aleksandr Voinov. Titled Special Forces, so far lots of violence (stabbity, punching muscle stuff) and very little sexy time. Am hoping for more sexy time soon…

I’ve not read Josh Lanyon in a while, so this was a cool pick up. I always enjoy Josh’s deft plotting and smart characters. In Fair Game he’s created an ex cop who is forced to give up a career he’s loved and take up a more desk bound job. The dynamics between Eliott and his lover Tucker were pretty tense and steamy, although at times I wished Tucker was featured a little more prominently. I think the focus was more on Elliot’s journey and the mysterious disappearance of the young men, kinda like his scooby swan song. Cool read and worth checking out.

Life, Over Easy by K.A. Mitchell was very cool. A sexy college boy paranormal with great world building and spooky bits which were suitably eerie! The romance between John and Mason was sexy and the scenes between them had loads of lovely tension and drama. There was much angst about moving on with life after loss and coping with change. I liked this book hugely. K.A. Mitchell’s books are always incredibly entertaining, hot and honest. Get it here from ARe.

His Hearth by Mary Calmes was an interesting piece. They dynamics between the boys were a little hard to figure out initially and I felt like their actual personalities and motivations took a long time to become clear. If I’d real the blurb more closely, I might have been less surprised by the paranormal elements that seemed to appear out of left field too. There was little building of tension and the book at times felt too short to get any real sense of the world and characters. While I usually enjoy this authors lovely, imaginative and fresh voice, this one missed the mark for me. Available here via ARe.


I have written a whole 3 short book reviews. Success!

Infected: Prey by Andrea Speed has been a great book, so far. I’ve actually just finished the 1st book, there are two that make up the novel. I liked it so much that I’ll give it a gold star just on part one alone. The story telling was excellent with a nice scooby mystery, and the romance between Roan and Paris very much underpinning it rather than being sole focus. What surprised me I guess is the lack of sex in the book. Sex is usually pretty high on my list of must haves and yet the story itself was so compelling that the lack of sexfest became less important than the characters development and the mystery. This is not to say that there is no tension between them, just that the bedroom door is firmly closed to pervs like me. Great paranormal, urban fantasy werecat story . Well worth purchasing. Check it out here.

Stray by Ash Penn was a bit of a hesitant purchase for me. I was not sure I would like it going on the blurb (guy is slutty, likes his roommate and ends up screwing his loves lover) But I brought it anyway, because I liked the cover. God, I am truly hopeless. The book is set in England and I think this is what I found the most charming about the story. It has a certain Bristishness about it. The characters, the way they interact and their speech just totally appealed. The sex was pretty grubby and the characters were just so damn likeable. I think I’ve been watching too many episodes of Skins and have certainly read waaaay to many Jilly Cooper novels over the years to not find this novel utterly charming in a kind of over the top way. There were a few bits that felt less than well paced and maybe the characters did stuff that was a little wanky but over all it was a totally cool read. More please authors from Britain!!!!! Buy here.

I Fell In Love With A Zombie by Sean Kennedy was cool. I think I brought this mainly to see how in gods name he’d make a Zombie into a sexorin fest… without appendages falling off during important, intimate moments. This was a totally cool read and I cannot believe he made a zombie seem sexy. I mean, ewww! The story was nicely paced with loads of great world building and plenty of scope to maybe write more. Zombies, true love and an apocalyptic world. Get it here from DSP.

Collision Course by K.A. Mitchell

ka-mitchell-collision-course-largeI read Collision Course at the end of a seriously crappy week and it was truly a pleasure to just loose myself in this book. The characters were compelling and the writing was tight and flowed beautifully. I can honestly say that there were no points where I drifted off to surf the net (which I often do when I am reading. Attention span=gnat) and I was throughly entertained with Joey and Aaron’s story.

This is a drama and a lengthy one at that. I am always impressed with K.A. Mitchell’s ability to write such meaty books that don’t drag. The writing always has a point and never seems to descend into mindless page filling fluff. Yay! The premise was cool and her characters were complex and likeable. I think Joey and Aaron might have to be one of my favorite pairings in recent memory! K.A. has also slipped in some seriously cool music, so I had a ready made sound track in my head. heh. Goldfrapp ?? Woot! I wondered at the end, was the theme in Joey’s head Strict Machine? 

You might also want to read this with a fan handy as the sexual tension is off the chart. The instant and compelling attraction the boys have, that makes getting to a bed impossible, was so hot and absolutely worthy of much praise, like the Jake and Remi getting on knees scene. It wasn’t over the top, but sexy, varied and delectable.

John Ganun photographer

It was so nice to see characters from one of her previous books, Diving in Deep, which I also enjoyed. I had a few sniggers at Joey and Noah and there endless navel gazing and am now jonesing for Doctor Jae Sun Kim’s story. Please!!!!

If you’re still not rushing off with credit card at the ready, perhaps the prequels over at K.A. Mitchell’s blog might convince you that this is must read material, or you can get the goodness at the Samhain site. Gorgeous summer night reading and I cannot wait for the next one.

Check out the warning below that the book comes with…
Warning: This love story may overheat readers or the devices used to read it. Explicit male/male sex scenes involving extra penetration, toys, and spanking. 


Aidan And Ethan by Cameron Dane

aidanandethan-cameron-daneThirteen years ago Aidan disappeared in the dead of night, but he is home now. Aidan has come home to take the job of chief of the fire department and to reconnect with his brother and sister. He wants Ethan back too. Unable to forget their kiss, Aidan wants to explain why he went away, and he wants a second chance to win Ethan’s heart.
From Liquid Silver Books.

This was an interesting read, kinda angsty and with much drama. The writing style was engaging and the return to young love premise is one that I enjoy. There were also many manly firefighters. Noice! It is set in a small town and there is just something about this that really appeals to me. I love that feeling of community it engenders and that there is the possibility of more books in the series as you get glimpses of other characters lives. 

I enjoyed the read but got about two thirds the way through and it was like the author got a bit lost. The sex scenes were hot but peppered with very anatomically correct words that totally yoinked me out of the moment. Not sure I want to read something that sounds like it was written by my Year 11 science teacher. The plot meandered a little at this point and flowed less seamlessly than it had earlier in the book. Also, certain facets of one character meant I found it pretty difficult to suspend my disbelief, with regards his lack of experience. It gets back on track though and despite some of the problems I had, the book on the whole was a not a bad wee read. Certainly an author to keep an eye on! The cover is also VERY pretty and created by the tremendously clever Anne Cain. Definitely got my attention!

You can get it here from Liquid Silver Publishing.
Cameron Dane’s Website. 

Soul Mates by Jourdan Lane

jourdan-lane-big_lane-smbloodJourdan Lane has written a fantastic urban fantasy series that has kept me well entertained this past week. There are currently 4 books in the series with more to come I hope!

Peter is a human who catches the eye of the local master vampire Lucien. Much smex ensues. As their relationship develops, Peter becomes more involved in the coven and local supernatural politics. There is also the odd battle and intrigue abounds with human hunters, werewolves and the vampire ruling body. jourdan-lane-big_lane-smdeceptions

Soul Mates has tight world building but with pretty much standard Vamp fair of councils, districts and werewolves in a serving capacity. But it feels fresh and it is cleanly written without too much distracting waffle.

The books are all in 1st person which I quite enjoy and I certainly liked Peter as a character. He is engaging and becoming more hardened as his responsibilities increase and there are things in the 3rd and 4th book you certainly would not have seen him do earlier on. Peter’s also a bit easy and suffers from a well lubed zipper! heh. He reminds me of jourdan-lane-big_lane-smsacrificeAnita Blake, minus the bullshit,when it comes to sex and his partners which is all good! The other similarity is the frequency of the lurve. heh. Lane manages to move the story along at a cracking pace and it is incredibly easy to be 100 pages in before you realize it. 

This is a great series and I am defnitely looking forward to the next installment. You can get the goodness at the following sites – jourdan-lane-soulmates4185
All Romance ebooks
Torquere Books
Fictionwise ebooks

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