Boy Culture Review.

The story of X is told through a series of confession like asides to you the viewer. He is a hustler (minus a heart of gold) with an exclusive number of clients. To keep the IRS off his back he has 2 roommates, one of whom he is developing feelings for and a new client who is challenging him to think about giving love a chance. 

X is unapologetic, cynical, often a shit and not willing to let down his mask even with his two best friends. Yet his introspective journey is incredibly watchable and totally sucked me in. I found myself quietly rooting for him. Waiting for that moment where he let down his formidable guard and became vulnerable and allowed himself to love another person in whatever form that might take. Be it in a monogamous relationship or something a little more unconventional. Watching him form his own less that traditional family ties and close friendships was a delight. I am a total mush!

There are some fab performances by Gregory Talbot, who has a totally smexin voice. Darryl Stephens, who is so incredibly gorgeous – I just could not stop watching his mouth. Merow. But, the stand out was Derek Magyar who played X perfectly.

A very enjoyable afternoon watch that certainly lived up to the line: sex pays – love costs. As it came out on DVD a wee while ago you can get it now. Check out a clip here.

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