Harper Connelly Graphic Novel series by Charlaine Harris

This series was excellent. Faithful to the novels, which are among my favorite series, and beautifully adapted.

The thing that impressed me the most was how William Harms got all the subtle stuff right. The small town prejudices, the tension between the Harper and Tolliver. It was fab. Because the series of books is so good and one I’ve re read many times, I guess I was a little concerned with how the characters would be portrayed, and how the special bond Harper and Toliver have would come across on the page. I guess it was his interpretation, and yet faithful to the books. I was really impressed.

The artwork was superb and depicted the characters just as I’d envisioned them in the novel. The burgeoning tension between Harper and Tolliver was interpreted so well too. Artist and author nailed it and it’s such an important part of the books.

Loved the artwork. Stylistically I must say I’m a fan and if you’re after an urban fantasy/paranormal comics, this is well worth a read. Magic stuff. Grade A.

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Simply must read series.

bengal-rabbit-tiger-bunny-closeupBecause I have not read a decent book in a day or so and don’t want to write a bitchy review of a book that was like pulling teeth to read, WHICH I ended up not finishing AND think was a bloody waste of bloody money  want some happy, fluffy bunnies to write about on my blog,  I thought I’d share a few of my favorite series.

I do like a good series and they always look nice sitting grouped on my shelf. Except when bastard publishers change the cover artist. It messes with the symmetry. Uber book geek much?

Occasionally, I do wonder if authors get a maggot on the brain and should just stop when they’re ahead and not flog the last inch of life out of their characters and worlds have drifted into a nauseating sameness. I feel compelled to keep reading in the often vein hope that the original quintessence returns. Or maybe it’s to make sure she/he has not killed off my favorite characters! At this point I usually email my tame librarian and ask if they’ll get it in. Self confessed book geek AND quite budget conscious!

stephanie-plum-rexThere are those special ones though that keep you hanging on each year till the next one comes out. The ones you buy in hardcover even though it might mean eating carrots for the next week and have characters in them that become old, and dear friends. These friends are good to pull out when one is feeling particularly low, or desperate for good writing. Or, maybe one might just be perusing back through the really good grubby bits. 

Here are a few books that I have enjoyed and often re-read in no particular order. 


First up is the lovely bishie goodness that is the Heaven Sent series by Jet Mykles. Boy band slash and smexy goodness. Spent far too much time watching MGMT and Placebo videos after reading these. And Fanservice? O-o The Child’s Prey books by Anne Cain & Barbara Sheridan, also cool, are totally yaoi and have pretty covers.

stolen-kelley-armstrongThe Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong. She has smart heroines that kick ass, one of which is Elena from Bitten and Stolen. She rocks! I currently have Personal Demon waiting to be read.


landlord-charlaine-harrisCharlaine Harris continues to be a standout for me. I adore her Sookie Stackhouse series and those wicked covers! But, my favorite heroine has to be Lily Bard, who is a dark, damaged and complex character, which I re read at least once a year. The Harper Connelly Mysteries are also very readable… aw, just go buy everything she’s ever written! (and, Eric, merow). 


Josh Lanyon and his  Adrien English mystery novels. Much thought provoking goodness. And Jake. More merow. Now I want them all in paperback, yesssss my precious.

jll_withcautionThe With or Without series by JL Langley. Yes, I admit it, the scene that has Jake telling Remi – Be still, pup, and don’t come is WELL thumbed. Hanging out for the next one.


Kresley Cole’s series the Immortals After Dark are great reading. Tight writing and each one is consistantly good and does not have me grinding my teeth! (like some authors who should have let her boys just be together instead of inventing stupid ghost characters and insipid milquetoast vamp females. grrrr) Not to mention the covers of the first three books are so pretty. stephanie-plum-5

I think after about seven or eight books this one gets a little annoying, but Janet Evanovich and her Stephanie Plum series is a fun read despite that. The only author other than Katie MacAlister that I have been banned from reading in bed. Laughed and giggled so much I kept waking the other occupant.

mooncalled300Patricia Briggs got picked up initially because I liked the covers and once read I totally fell for Mercy Thompson. She is gutsy and the books are just that little bit different from normal paranormal dross.

collision-course-ka-mitchellKA Mitchell has not written a series as such but does have reoccurring characters. LOVe her books.



Really, you cannot go past Laurell K. Hamilton. She has rabid detractors, which is unfortunate, but I do like her Meredith Gentry and Anita Blake series a great deal. Unfortunately, because we get books from the UK and the US there is no way I’d keep all the covers the same unless I was totally anal and ordered all of them from one source. What I am is impatient, so I usually just grab what is there.  

Hope you’re all having a wonderful start to the new year and are getting some lovely reading done. 😉 Feel free to share your good reads also, as I am in dire need!

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