Easy Virtue.

This was an absolute delight to watch and a rather pleasant way to spend a rainy afternoon. While there were parts of the movie that lagged a little, it kept my interest for the most part and had us both roaring with laughter. It was so funny and romantic and really, anything with Colin Firth doing the tango is must see stuff. Big thumbs up!


shortbuscoverThis came out a donkeys age ago, but I only saw it the other week. 1st up, it has the most gorgeous soundtrack with lovely stuff from Yo La Tengo, Jay Brannan and the bearded and beautiful Scott Matthew (you have to listen to his song Language. sigh. is so nice).

The movie itself is centers around several New Yorkers and the problems they grapple with in their relationships and issues of truth, control, depression and sexuality. Sophia the sex therapist who can’t come, her husband Rob who can, Jamie and James who aren’t really listening to each other as James struggles with depression and Severin the dom who is just trying to connect. Their lives at this point in time become intertwined and each character has either a direct of indirect effect on the others stories. They meet each week at an underground salon called Shortbus and through this, eventually, gain insight into themselves and their lives.

shortbusAt times funny and poignant this was a real delight to watch and despite some of the serious underlying themes I found it quite uplifting and thought provoking. The script was developed with the cast and has obviously made this a project close to the heart of its director John Cameron Mitchell. (totally geeked out and watched clips of the director speaking about his film).

Jay Brannan is just beautiful. This was one of  his first ventures into film. He has gone on to sing and also starred in Holding Trevor (which is cool). Paul Dawson was also compelling, so sad and very watchable and incredibly athletic, he manages to suck his own cock (Jesus wept, I nearly fell off the couch!) I swear it was not just because of his bendiness that I found his performance memorable. heh. I thought Lindsay Beamish was also an interesting character as Severin the dom, sitting in her slippers with her tea, she just seemed so jaded at times and fierce!

jaybrannanflyerI liked that there was sex, (of course) but it wasn’t just a cheap thrill, but more about how sometimes we ignore things that are important and how we can cut ourselves off from what we really need. Lovely drama watching and most definitely recommended.

Check it out at IMDB and Amazon.
Cute clips from PJ DeBoy at Ethan Says. 
Clip of James, Jamie and Ceth.  


Formula 17.

While spending the summer with his friend Yu, Tien meets Bai Tieh-nan, a local lothario. Thinking he has found the man of his dreams he sleeps with Bai Tieh-nan, only to discover he has clay feet.


This is such a gorgeous little movie. Although I was initially a bit put off by the Amazon cover which did not appeal! It came out in 2004 and was the debut of two Taiwanese women Yin-jung Chen and Rady Fu. Tony Yang and Duncan Lai/Chow were beautifully cast and produce strong portrayals of country naiveté versus city slick. They make up for some of the scenes which were admittedly not the greatest. Despite the high cheese factor, there was much campy humor and the friendships between the boys was a delight.
Formula 17 is a sweet, funny and totally cheesetastic film that I really liked. And, the Taipei Plumber? Merow! If you like this, do try and get Go Go G Boys which is also super cool and not dissimilar to F 17.

Check it out at IMDB and Amazon.
Fanvid on Youtube for Go Go and F 17 and Duncan Lai/Chow below.

duncan-lai-duncan-chow duncan-lai-duncan-chow-2

Boy Culture Review.

The story of X is told through a series of confession like asides to you the viewer. He is a hustler (minus a heart of gold) with an exclusive number of clients. To keep the IRS off his back he has 2 roommates, one of whom he is developing feelings for and a new client who is challenging him to think about giving love a chance. 

X is unapologetic, cynical, often a shit and not willing to let down his mask even with his two best friends. Yet his introspective journey is incredibly watchable and totally sucked me in. I found myself quietly rooting for him. Waiting for that moment where he let down his formidable guard and became vulnerable and allowed himself to love another person in whatever form that might take. Be it in a monogamous relationship or something a little more unconventional. Watching him form his own less that traditional family ties and close friendships was a delight. I am a total mush!

There are some fab performances by Gregory Talbot, who has a totally smexin voice. Darryl Stephens, who is so incredibly gorgeous – I just could not stop watching his mouth. Merow. But, the stand out was Derek Magyar who played X perfectly.

A very enjoyable afternoon watch that certainly lived up to the line: sex pays – love costs. As it came out on DVD a wee while ago you can get it now. Check out a clip here.

Buy it here from Amazon. 
Check it out on IMDB.

Yossi and Jagger Review.

Yossi and Jagger is the story of two IDF officers stationed on the Israeli-Lebanese border. It is set in a remote and beautiful location and despite the shortness of the film it delivers a satisfying if poignant message of youth, life and the specter of death that is always in the background for these soldiers.

Yossi is the units commander and is very aware of his position and his responsibilities. Lior, also known as Jagger because he’s charismatic like a rock star (and hot like one!), is one of the other officers and is well liked by all. The one person Jagger truly loves is Yossi. Jagger is soon to be released from his service in the IDF and wants further commitment from Yossi. Unfortunately Yossi has his own plans of furthering his military career. The dynamics of the troop and the little cameos from each character and how they deal with their isolation, youth and emerging love are engaging.

The romance between Yossi and Jagger is sweet and moving. I loved the scene of the boys running round and goofing off in the snow. And the pervy bunny! My favorite moment is near the end with Yossi’s reference to the song by Rita and its importance to Lior.

The script was based on a true story but I could not find any reference to the original author. The screenplay was written by Avner Bernheimer and directed by Eytan Fox.

A great little film and well worth watching.
Check it out at IMDB and Amazon

Beautiful Thing Review

Beautiful Thing came out in 1996 and is still garnering regular reviews on Amazon and rates a solid 7.4 on IMDB. I think it is a testament to the heartwarming nature of this film that after all these years it still has a following. Me included!

Jamie has lived most of his life on a housing estate in south east London. He knows he is different from everyone else at school and is often teased and bullied. He tries to keep it hidden from his mother, played by the incredible Linda Henry, without much luck. She is such a tough cookie and provides some stirling and often hilarious moments. Ste lives next door and while he seems more adept at fitting in with the soccer boys at school he has his own problems at home. His father and older brother are both physically abusive  and after one particularly heartbreaking incident Ste stays over with Jamie and his mother. You already feel the tension between Jamie and Ste leading up to this moment, the long looks and shy gazes, but this is when the uncertainty and anticipation kicks into high gear. The boys have to deal with their awakening sexuality, fear of discovery and growing up against the back drop of a London summer. Beautiful.

This was such an incredibly sweet movie and a real joy to watch. You can check it out at Amazon here and IMDB here. Youtube has a squillion clips but here is one I particularly liked due to the fab soundtrack! 

Shelter Review – Gay Comic Geek.

I found this on the Gay Comic Geeks youtube site. He does a really cool review of Shelter which Jen suggested I watch. I have now watched it more than once! If you’ve not seen it, do. I’d also recommend Beautiful Thing which I saw the other week. The actress in the movie who plays Jamie’s mother, Linda Henry, is quite incredible. The tagline for Beautiful Thing is *An urban fairytale.*

Anywho, please enjoy the review of Shelter! 

You can also check out his blog here. Thank you GCG!!!!

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