Lord of the White Hell is out! Woot! If you’ve not ordered it then do. It’s such an amazingly cool book and one of my favourites from this year. I’ve been reading a little – mainly paranormal and mystery paperbacks. I find I have very little patience with TSTL female characters though. The ending of the last Rachel Gibson I read nearly sent me over the edge. Bleh! Currently I’m reading free stuff via Aleksandr Voinov. Titled Special Forces, so far lots of violence (stabbity, punching muscle stuff) and very little sexy time. Am hoping for more sexy time soon…

I’ve not read Josh Lanyon in a while, so this was a cool pick up. I always enjoy Josh’s deft plotting and smart characters. In Fair Game he’s created an ex cop who is forced to give up a career he’s loved and take up a more desk bound job. The dynamics between Eliott and his lover Tucker were pretty tense and steamy, although at times I wished Tucker was featured a little more prominently. I think the focus was more on Elliot’s journey and the mysterious disappearance of the young men, kinda like his scooby swan song. Cool read and worth checking out.

Life, Over Easy by K.A. Mitchell was very cool. A sexy college boy paranormal with great world building and spooky bits which were suitably eerie! The romance between John and Mason was sexy and the scenes between them had loads of lovely tension and drama. There was much angst about moving on with life after loss and coping with change. I liked this book hugely. K.A. Mitchell’s books are always incredibly entertaining, hot and honest. Get it here from ARe.

His Hearth by Mary Calmes was an interesting piece. They dynamics between the boys were a little hard to figure out initially and I felt like their actual personalities and motivations took a long time to become clear. If I’d real the blurb more closely, I might have been less surprised by the paranormal elements that seemed to appear out of left field too. There was little building of tension and the book at times felt too short to get any real sense of the world and characters. While I usually enjoy this authors lovely, imaginative and fresh voice, this one missed the mark for me. Available here via ARe.


Winter has finally arrived, heralded by flooding down south and my wooly tights making an appearance – I’m such a sex beast, srsly. Below are a couple of books I’ve read, one or two of which I’ve had mixed feelings about. Sometimes that’s not such a bad thing though. Provoking thought and all that kind of palaver!

I finally read Mary Calmes series A Matter of Time, after some badgering gentle nudging from Kris. When I got the 1st book I had read a few chapters and found that the editing and the crazy, self obsessed character of Joey kind of did my head in. So, I didn’t even finish it. But, by the power of Greyskull Kris I went back and finished reading the book (then got the next 3 parts) and I’ve decided I quite like the series DESPITE the godawful editing, repetitive nature of some of the scenes, annoying bad guys and occasional shark jumping plots. I like it much because of Joey. He kind of grew on me and so did Sam. So, thanks Kris. You’re a champ. I have turned into a total fangirl for Mary’s work. She’s cool beans. Get the books here at ARe or via Fictionwise.

Hidden Treasure is the second book I’ve read by V.B. Kildaire. The first was a gorgeous historical called The Desire for Dearborne. Hidden Treasure is a fantasy novel set in the fictional country of Jarvoct. Nobleman and soldier Jaxom and Lord Dorian Pelias set off on a journey through the wilds to recover a treasure for their respective countries. Adventure and manlove ensue. The world building was good, but at times it felt a little barren. The romance between the two leads was also slow to unfold, however it made their relationship seem a little more well developed and the tension was nicely done. If you’re into long horse journeys with cute ponies, swords and smoochy stuff, check it out here.

More Than Make-Believe by Tymber Dalton has been one book that has left me with very mixed feelings. Travis is a straight college student who needs to make a quick buck after being cut off by his parents. Replying to a modeling ad, he gets offered a contract to do a gay for pay porn flick. Let the gay for you begin. Merow. While I could suspend my disbelief quite happily and get into this rather lovely and grubby tale, I found I had a real problem with the thought of someone leaping into a porn movie ass bared, ready to bareback. I know. It’s a book. It’s fiction, but this really got my goat I’m afraid and kinds spoiled the rest of the story for me. Check it out here.

Son of a Gun by AM Riley was pretty cool. Stefan returns to his home town to attend the funeral of his best friend, only to find that his death is beginning to look more like murder. It was written in that very epic, old home town with prominent local family kind of feel, very gradual unfolding of the story and plenty of time to get to know that main characters. Lots of the story is dealing with Stefan’s feelings for his boyhood love and finding clues. Just like Scooby. I felt it was also left open ended and I really hope that author has more in store for these characters. I love the writing, AM Riley is definitely an auto buy for me.


I’m hanging out to have the fire going and my wolly socks on high rotation. The trees here look lovely and if it wasn’t one of the warmest autumns ever, I’d be happy as a pig in poo. I like winter!

I’ve been trying to get through my TBR before buying more books, but I really do have little to no willpower and suck at the whole self control thing. heh. Some rubbish reads, some so bloody good I cannot wait to read more. Hello feast and famine reading.

As I read this book all I could hear in my head was the REM song Shiny Happy People. It was slightly over the top, the main character seemed to have no discernible  flaws (and had glitter AND sparkles) and the villan was evil like Dastardly Dick. I loved it. I was occasionally a little unsure if I should like it, which might sound weird, but some of the plot devices were definitely out there. Despite this, Timing by Mary Calmes was a thoroughly entertaining read and just worked. Check it out at ARe.

Discreet Young Gentleman by M.J. Pearson was a delightful read with great historical detail and star crossed lovers. At times it did not feel as polished as The Price of Temptation, but there was loads of historical man love goodness that more than made up for it. AND those covers just rock my socks. Get it here in paperback at the Book Depository.

Survival Instinct by Roxy Harte was a hard novel to get to grips with. There was plenty of great action to start and I loved the whole *stuck in a storm lets share our warmth* storyline at the start. But, after that the novel failed to fire for me. How the death of Brian’s brother and lover were dealt with was just too fast to be believable and the characterization of Tobias was not always appealing. While the style of writing was easy to read and reasonably entertaining, this was not an easy one to get through. Check it out here from Loose Id.

I’ve been re reading the wonderful Heaven Sent series by Jet Mykles. They’re such cool reads and quite frankly, thank heaven for lovely band slashy goodness. I am not sure there is a nicer way to spend a Saturday morning than in bed with Johnnie, Luc, Darien and Brent (though possibly quite crowded). I brought both books in paperback from the Book Depository at a fantastic price and those covers are just something else. omnomnom.


Despite the busy time of year I’ve found a few moments of reading time. I’ve had a few surprisingly good novels and some rather angsty, which I’ve liked! Normally if there is whining or sobbing the book finds its way into my did not finish pile. I might be getting a bit soft!

Change of Heart by Mary Calmes was a great shifter romance. There was a bit of the old “gay for you* trope going on, but it was well done and nicely wrapped up with the *we’re soul mates* kinda thing. I liked that it was angsty and that there were a few misunderstandings and heart to hearts that made for a nice, sexy wee read. I have a thing for cat shifter romances too, so a bit of were pussy romance was all good! Check it out via ARe.

The Strongest Shape by Tessa Cárdenas is one of the best ménage books I’ve read in ages. No one felt like that odd one out and the boys truly worked together to make their relationship work – with much angst of course!! The secondary characters were well written and while the world building was reasonably strong, it was the interactions between the 3 that held my attention. Honesty, there is nothing better than well written ménage, where all characters feel like they’ve a part to play, as opposed to one being the odd cock out. It was plenty hot too! Wicked, cool read and the cover is gorgeous. Best viewed in a large format. Merow. Pick it up here at ARe.

Cutting Cords by Mickie B. Ashling was an ok read, in the authors last book I found the overwhelming emotional moments a little too heavy. While this was in a similar vein, it felt more balanced. Sloan and Cole are certainly characters you have to grow to like and at times I did find them hard work. But, there is something about the author’s style that keeps me coming back for another go. Check it out here at ARe.

Dark Heart by Thom Lane was an absolutely magic fantasy read. Excellent world building with a sexy, servile slave boy and hot, badass mage. I loved this book and cannot believe I’ve not picked it up before now. The cover alone is enough to send me back for a second look. hehe. I loved the world the author created, even though I periodically wanted the slaves to rise up, the whole in service thing did rather appeal to my kink. I thought the ending was well done too and not wrapped up in a bow. Has me with fingers crossed that there might be more! A very good read that is well worth picking up. You can purchase here at ARe or Fictionwise is particularly cheap at the moment.

An Improper Holiday by K.A. Mitchell was a charming historical romance read. I do think an accurate historical depicting a gay relationship is a particularly difficult thing to do and there is only a certain amount of scope. But, I think the book was well executed and a very sweet read. This author consistently delivers the goods and this gem is no exception. Totally sexy reading and the story has one particularly intriguing secondary character that totally deserves a HEA too. Get the book here from ARe.

If you’re new to ebooks, check this post out for instructions and apps 🙂 Basically, if you’ve got an ipod touch or an iphone I suggest you go large and have a go. It is totally addictive!

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