Partners in Crime 4 by Josh Lanyon and Jordan Castillo Price.

Lovers and Other Strangers by Josh Lanyon.
Recovering from a near fatal accident, artist Finn Barret returns to Seal Island in Maine to rest and recuperate. But Seal Island is haunted with memories, some sweet, some sad; three years ago Finn found his lover in the arms of Fitch, Finn’s twin brother. Since that day, Finn has seen neither Conlan nor Fitch. In fact, no one has seen Fitch. What happened to him? Did Fitch run away, as everyone believes? Or did he meet a more sinister fate? To put the past to rest – and see if there’s any chance of a future with Con – Finn must discover the truth. But the deeper he digs, the more reason he has to fear Con is the only one who knows what truly happened to Fitch…

Body Art by Jordan Castillo Price.
His lover has betrayed and swindled Ray Carlucci out of everything he valued, including a tattoo business. Hounded by creditors, weary of heart, he accepts the job of chauffeur and body man for the dying owner of a remote estate. The island, minus its wealthy summer colony, is colorless in winter and Ray thinks he understands why staff on the estate periodically desert. But, he’s baffled by, then drawn to, Anton, the eccentric artist who haunts the forest, bringing strange life to bizarre and disquieting sculptures amidst the ice and trees. When the body of a man who once held Ray’s job rises from the frosty earth, Ray wonders what part Anton’s wildness has in the escalating violence.
From MLR Press.

partners_in_crime4I was lucky enough to have this sent to me in paperback by LB at Nose in a Book. As a total bibliophile the book itself is nicely bound, has a pretty classy cover and looks damn fine on my shelf. Pats.

Lovers and Other Strangers was such a pleasure to read. I like the love rediscovered shtick and Finn and Conlan have a poignant story that was very readable. If anything it was a story of the two brothers that I found myself enjoying more than the romance. In his usual sparse style this sad tale of sibling rivalry and love was beautifully told by Lanyon and leaves you thinking. Which is fine unless you’re stuck being a bit snively ¬†at all hours of the night.

Body Art is the first story by Jordan Castillo Price that I’ve picked up in a while. I am a big fan of her PsyCop series and did like this new story from her. I enjoyed Anton’s quirkiness, but did find the explanation behind his condition a little loose. Despite this it was an entertaining crime read and I do recommend her PsyCop series if you’re looking for more books from her.

You can get the paperback version here via MLR Press. by Neil Plakcy.

gaylife_cover_200Living in the awesome gay candy store called South Beach, Brian Cohen laments his inability to score a great job or a sexy boyfriend–until he lands at the website, where his hunky boss may want more from him than just his management skills.

I’ve enjoyed reading the Mahu series by Neil Plakcy immensely, so was keen to read his latest book from MLR Press. While his other books focus more on the mystery and to a lesser degree Kimo’s coming out and love life, is firmly in the romance category.

Brian is such an honest character, complete with flaws and the odd annoying personality trait. As for his hunky boss I read less about him than I perhaps would have liked, which is unusual I guess in a romance novel where the central plot revolves around the two love birds and their merry trip off into connubial bliss. +sex. What the book did remind me of was not dissimilar to a chick lit romance complete with a cast of interesting extras, mush hieing around, a few disastrous attempts at love and a flatmate in a pear tree.

While I did enjoy the novel, the sexy boss could have done with a little more development and there was a lot of detail about the comings and goings of Brian and the website. I am a bit of a geek, but there was almost too much internets even for me in there! It had a sweet and satisfying ending though and much smooching. ūüėÄ

Definitely an entertaining and sexy read with a difference. Check it out here at¬†Neil Plakcy’s Website or via¬†MLR Press Website and¬†All Romance eBooks. AND that cover rawks!

Bravo, Brava by Jet Mykles, J.P. Bowie and Kimberly Gardner.

bravo bravaAfter reading the gorgeous Lola Dances and then¬†Skirt by Jet Mykles, it would seem I have a penchant for the occasional gender bending story. After some of the desultory reading I’ve had in the past few weeks, this was a welcome return to good writing.

Jet has certainly nailed it with her contribution to this anthology. The pacing is fantastic and it is incredibly evocative – lots of show rather than tell and it had me hooked. The premise was great and the chemistry between the leads was incredibly hot. A superb piece from one of my favourite authors that totally fogged my glasses.

JP Bowies piece was enjoyable, but at times I felt like there was a lot going on for such a short story. It was nice to see something set in Britan and I had no trouble picturing the gorgeous cop in the story. SUCH a sucker for sexy  cops. heh. Apart from a little confusion over who was who at the beginning and a feeling that there needed to be a little more coherence in the story line it was a reasonably enjoyable read.

The final story from Kimberly Gardner was hot and sexy. I enjoyed most of it, but ¬†wondered if the¬†villain¬†was essential to the narrative. I felt¬†maybe more focus should have gone on Kieran’s conflict, not knowing how David would react to his cross dressing. A sweet read though.¬†

This was a pleasure to read and all I can say is thank goodness for good writing.This book definitely made my weekend. ūüôā

Get the goodness here from MLR Press

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Helluvaween РSkirt by Jet Mykles. A tad x-rated!
Between Celebrations – Candy by Jet Mykles and Hiding Place. JUST a wee bit more of the x-rated! Read them both, they’re VERY cool. ;p
Excerpt Bravo, Brava.

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