Are you a library or book store user? 📚

Hey all! Are you a library or book store user? I use both, but I’d say I use the store more than the library. I’m really lucky where I am that the staff at our local city libraries are amazing and get a huge range of fiction, romance, YA, urban fantasy and sci fi. They also have a massive graphic novel and comic collection and DVDs.

There are a couple of great book stores locally. The Children’s Book Store looks after all my YA needs 🤓😊💕 But, the bigger bookstores in NZ do not carry a lot of romance. This really bugs me. Considering it is a genre that earns more than crime, thriller or sci fi and fantasy, I think NZ needs to catch up a little. 😁

I love having books on my shelves and in the last few years my consumption of ebooks has been huge. I am horribly impatient, so hooray for instant gratification and downloading a book when you see it. 😳The Book Depository is a bit of a godsend too, as shipping from the US is a mare.

I’d love to know where you get most of your books? And do you read more ebooks or paper/hard backs?


4 thoughts on “Are you a library or book store user? 📚

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  1. I use both, the library mainly for non-fiction, some YA and a bit of romance. I always buy the books by favourite authors and the new releases I’m especially excited about.

    And I read a mix of print books and ebooks, even though print books will always be my favourite format.

  2. Well, where I live now there are neither. LOL In Canada when I was reading mysteries and m/f I used the library a LOT, not so much the books stores although I love just wandering through a book store. I find it peaceful. Now that I read almost exclusively m/m I’m not sure my library would have much and my bookstore little. When I asked my bookstore (major national chain – not tiny independent) they said they didn’t know whether to put the LGBT books in a separate section (which could be seen as segregationist) or put them in with the “romance” “thriller” etc. So as a result, they simply had none. Wow, nice excuse guys, nice excuse.

    I buy pretty much 100% e-books except for the odd yaoi. I have an irrational hatred of Amazon for books so I buy mostly from publishers or Smashwords. I’ve kind of been into audible books lately, although they are definitely pricier so I try to not go too wild on Audible. (Which yes, I know, is Amazon. LOL And I buy paper books from Amazon and a thousand other things. It’s an irrational hatred of them as an e-book seller forcing me to use Kindle to make it easy.)

    1. I cannot believe they’d not just include them in romance, if they were romance. Ughh.
      I’ve never tried an audio book, other than Harry Potter. I could listen to Stephen Fry ALL day. But, as my car now has apple car play I am listening to pod casts… so maybe audio books is a good next step for me??!!

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