Challenge day! Read on and win… 😊 – Happy release day to…

Challenge day! Read on and win… 😊

Happy release day to Liz Jacobs! Abroad is out today! 💗⭐️

This is a super cool lgbtq novel about Nick, who leaves everything he knows to go and study abroad. It was a super cool read. I’ll post the synopsis in the comments and a link to my blog for a longer review. Suffice to say, I enjoyed it loads and totally fell for one of the characters. Omg. Izzy. 😍💗

How you can participate and win things: post photos that fit the theme of the day using the hashtag #AbroadRelease, tag author Liz Jacobs @somemetaphor and A Novel Take PR @anoveltakepr and that will enter you in a giveaway to win an ebook copy of the book!

My theme is #dreamtrip My dream is to go to the US. Maybe to some cons or RT??!! 😍 Plus NY. And….. everywhere else. 😁😂 I’ve always wanted to go. We traveled to Japan 2 years ago and loved it. I remember as a kid having a world map on my wall and pins of where I’d visit when I was older. 😁😊 NZ is so far from anything that it’s a total hike to get anywhere. Do share your dream trip in the comments. And post a pic!

And – check out the other fab accounts who’ll be hosting this book tour.







They’re all run by some of my favorite folks, so go check out their accounts!! 💗⭐️

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