Good Boy by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy.

Before I started this new WAGs novel, which is kind of a carry on from the Him series, I re read Us. I’m rubbish at remembering characters, so this was a good refresher. Even better though, it was a re read and reminder of how much I love the characters of Jamie Canning and Ryan Wesley. Much sigh.

I was well ready for Blake and Jess when I started Good boy, which is about hockey players, nice dogs, learning to trust again and also finding your space in life. Blake (Blakey!!!!!Snort) is one of my favorite hockey players ever. Do not be fooled by the big and dumb tho, he was whip smart and hugely entertaining. Pun so intended. Jess I just plain liked. She knows she hasn’t quite found her niche and is willing to take risks to find it.

I think this book fell into two parts. The wedding, of Jamie and Wes, and build up to it and then the aftermath and moving to Toronto. The wedding. Hello teary. It was magic and such a good carry on from Us. But the strength was definitely the 2nd part for me, which I guess was surprising as I’d enjoyed the wedding so much.

Just such a good read and two authors who are on my on my autobuy list. Fantastic writing.

5 stars.




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