Lost Souls by Kelley Armstrong.

I’ve been a little frustrated with this series, particularly with the love triangle, over the past few books. This is definitely not a favorite trope of mine! I was hoping a short story would be a change of pace and that there’d be a little less angst, but there were definitely elements of this still in there.

I did find this short story a little difficult to get into, but about half way through the action picked up. I love the character of Gabriel and it is a refreshing change to be seeing the narrative from his point of view. He’s my favorite kind of hero, the grumpy and terse kind. Patrick, his father, is involved heavily in the story too and we see some of the story from his eyes.

This time, there is a case with an urban legend hitchhiker mystery to solve. Gabriel and Olivia get tangled up in it scooby style trying to solve it. I am not sure this story fixed any of their relationship woe, but it was a reasonably entertaining read and I enjoyed the mythology and folklore that it explored. But, I am still a little torn about this series as a whole. While this was an solid installment, I am hoping the final book in the series provides some kind of closure and my Oliva and Gabrielle ship sees the light of day.

The art work is beautiful in the paperback copy of this book, it is well worth a look. If you’re a fan of the series then this might just be a fab edition to your paperback library. Check out the link here.

3 Stars.

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisherstatic1.squarespace.jpg


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