Hard Wired by Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell.

Another good read from this writing team. I really enjoyed the themes in the book of found family and making connections with online friends and lovers. I felt they dealt with anxiety particularly well and I enjoyed the whole idea of taking risks and finding your niche in life.

This seemed particularly relevant with the changing landscape in technology and how you can earn revenue through different streams. Traditional jobs are not what everyone is after, so this felt super current. The romance and characters were, as always, engaging and I particularly enjoyed Ian. He was such a great lead.

One difficulty I did have with the book was the pacing and overall story arc. While the previous book felt pretty seamless, I found this one harder going. The ups and downs of emotion, back and forth in cities meant that at times it felt disjointed and the pacing made for a difficult read.

However, I love this series. It is total food for thought and emotionally it’s super satisfying. Definitely worth checking out.

4 Stars



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