As I was making my top reads of 2011 list, I noticed that the prices of some books are pretty steep. When you’re buying books that end up rubbish reads, price must surely start to come into what you’re buying. Nearly 9$ for an ebook? Wow.

I reckon you cannot beat Smahain when it comes to price. I think they’re still the most reasonable out of all the online publishers I buy from. AND the quality of what they publish is pretty damn good. Yay you Samhain.


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  1. I know. It’s crazy!
    I’ve realised that sometimes, the best thing to do is grab the new release ‘special deal’ the publisher usually offers for the first week or two. So I keep a beady eye on the half dozen weekly emails I get from the major publishers. Of course, this only works for auto-buy authors. But I’m still spending way too much. Am hoping my very unsubtle hints for Amazon vouchers for Christmas have been noted.

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