Jon Snow.

Game of Thrones, aka the best tv ever, finished this week. I know there are a few fans of Khal Drogo out there, but I have such a jones for Jon Snow. He’s starring this week on my tumblr. Handsome and beardy. nom.

I’ve managed about 120 pgs of the first book. They’re such massive tomes and I have no stamina whatsoever. Too much reading short ebooks. I’m used to instant gratification. GOT is such a rich and rewarding read though, lots of interwoven threads that are skillfully drawn together. Plus an author who’s not afraid to off the occasional character. OMG SEAN BEAN! I’ll mooch my way back into it eventually. Winter is coming. heh.


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  1. I read books 1-4 last summer and I have to tell you, brilliant. They make Middle Earth look about as complex as a napkin.

    I love Jon Snow.

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