I think sometimes when you’re in a situation like this, it can be so hard to see an end to it and to truly believe it might stop. I think what DrMike says about finding a mentor at uni and having support is just so important. Just being aware of the teens in your own family, peer group and community is a good start.

Here in NZ there are several places you can go for support and the links are below.


Rainbow Youth and also groups around the country.

GLBT Youth Services by area – LOADS of links and places for support and a friendly ear.



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  1. I really love this project and what they’re doing. My oldest gets bullied through phone calls and texts on her phone but she just doesn’t see it. It makes me crazy! I’m happy to see how many people are coming forward with their stories. 🙂

    1. Tracy, that is just awful. Your poor girl. I think as a parent this kind of thing can be so frustrating, because while you don’t want to wrap your kids in cotton wool you do want them to be safe and happy.

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