Been reading loads and hoping we don’t need to break out the emergency rations. Not keen on earthquakes. At all.

The Manituw by Lisbeth Jenkins is set in Bonnenuit, Newfoundland. English scientist Robert goes to study the sea and sets sail with Captain July Cyr. There was loads to like about this book, the setting was beautifully written and there was plenty of angst between the characters. However, I felt the sex was a little rushed and I wondered if the story arc peaked a little early. Parts of the narrative were rather charming so I am keen to give the author another crack. Just not sure this one hit the mark with me. Check out the book here at ARe.

The Lion Of Kent was great medieval read from by Aleksandr Voinov and Kate Cotoner. The book was well paced and had some grubby sex between Sir Robert de Cantilou and his squire William. Although suffering a little from being such a short story at around 100 or so pages, the book had great pace, tension and characters. It did end a little abruptly, but I hope this means they’re going to carry on the series as I’d definitely like to read more. You can purchase it at ARe.

Mercy Thompson: Homecoming is a comic book prequel for one of my favorite series of books by Patricia Briggs. The story translated really well into a visual medium and I loved the artwork. I think there have been quite a few negative reviews on GR and to be honest I am not really sure why. The artwork is cool and I loved how Mercy and her beau were depicted. If there was one character I was not as keen on it was the vampire Stefan. I thought he’d be a little prettier. Cool story, great art and a very stylish interpretation of one of my favorite characters. Get it from the Book Depository, cheap as chips! Now if someone would only make My Fair Captain into a comic book, my life would be complete.


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