This is super cool. New series from the BBC.


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  1. Saw the first episode of this on Sunday and really enjoyed it. The first series is only three feature length episodes long. So I hope the second series isn’t too far off.

  2. I hope there is more too. Weeds coming back soon thank goodness and a few other shows, but there’s been stuff all decent things to watch recently.

  3. According to Digital Spy it’s about to be picked up for a second series – YAY!

    But we shouldn’t expect to see that for another year – not so yay. 😦

    1. That is so cool Lesley. I’ll let the boy know, he’ll be thrilled. We’re big fans of Steven Moffat. We’re both fans of Dr Who and Jekyll too.

      One thing I loved about Sherlock was the music. Fab. Kinda like Guy Ritchies movie, but totally cool anyway!

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