It’s Film Festival time here, so we’re being extremely nerdish and cultured and going to see a few cool films at the moment. Although, someone should have let me know about the cultured bit as I blathered away on the phone while the director was speaking to the audience at our first night. I think the people next to me thought I lowered the tone, as did my partner. heh. No more RED WINE and rugby before partaking in more intellectual pursuits!

Life After Joe was a lovely angst infested read about breaking up and moving on and dealing with grief. I really liked this book, even though I thought Matt at times needed a boot in the arse and a bit of a hurry up. The beginning of the book felt a little choppy at times with Matt’s overwhelming sadness at the end of his relationship. But it did make me think lots about how we deal with grief and even though I’m much more of a ‘sort your bloody self out’ kind of girl, I did appreciate Matt’s reluctance to move on. Relationships are hard and trust is something that is earned. I enjoyed the authors knowledge of oil rigs and helicopters, very vivd stuff and I felt nerdishly intrigued by this setting. The sex was passionate, real and romantic and I can honestly say I’m looking forward to the authors next book which is out in August. In the mean time, check out at Good Reads.

I re-read the lovely Bound and Determined this past week. I reviewed it here ages ago, but felt like returning for a bit of nasty spanky goodness, to warm these hellishly cold winter nights. It stood up well to a second reading and if you’ve not already read it, it is well worth picking up.

Truth in the Dark by Amy Lane has been a reasonably entertaining read. I do like the idea of using the Beauty and the Beast story and the author has certainly added her own twists. I did have some issues with the world building, as at times depspite the old world feel it should have had, it felt almost modern in the phrasing and characters interactions. I found this a little jarring. Not a favourite read, but an author I do enjoy. Check it out at Good Reads.


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