I have a blogging dysfunction. Well, maybe a reviewing dysfunction. I’m a reading fiend and yet I seem to have run out of the words required to describe the experience. If I do go to write I often find myself wanting to blog about books I’ve detested and say things like  – Please stop writing. You make the bunny cry. Books I manage to finish and that I do like get some stars. It’s all just a little unsatisfactory really.

So, I thought I’d possibly found an answer to my blogging dysfunction, even if it did have a stupid name (Plinky). Then I saw this nauseating piece of navel lint comment –

– I rarely have writers block…

Poos to you lady. There I was in all my curmudgeon glory, ready to be wowed by Plinky and rid myself of my reviewing impediment, and I’ve come over all meh again.


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  1. That sucks 😦
    Maybe it’s the books not being inspiring enough?
    Why don’t you just go with your instincts and blog about the books you detested? For a little while. To get over the writer’s block… It might help 😉
    I hope you’ll find your mojo again soon. I lost mine too a while ago but found it back with a new review format that exempted me from structuring my text (the format does that now).

    1. I have been thinking about my format, which is pretty random to start with!! Maybe something new?? While I’ve read a couple of good ones recently there have been too many crap ones. Puts me off buying much!

  2. Poor you :(.

    I completely sympathise. I’ve been there, sitting in front of my laptop knowing what I want to say, but just not able to say it properly, or at all. Hope things improve soon.

    I like your random format, but if changing things works for you then go for it :).

    1. Thanks Jenre!!! There is nothing worse than sitting there with no words. Meh. I like my format too. Lacking stylistically is totally me and I like to keep it brief. 😀

  3. I’ve been going through the same thing. Aside from the books I review for Wave and RR I’m barely writing reviews. It sucks because it used to be so easy for me.

    1. I know!!!! Makes me so cross. I just wanna flick things out like I was a few times a week. I’m lucky if I am managing once a fortnight! Hope your block goes soon too!

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