Truthful Change by Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow

A rose by any other name… But when you don’t know someone’s real name, can you really fall in love with them? Karl’s an ex-mercenary with more secrets than scars, but his shy oddly sexy gardener, Adam, has even more than he does.
Synopsis via Loose Id.

Truthful Change was a marvy read with a gardening boy, ex military hard bodies and some rough, dirty, garden shed sex. I liked it a great deal, as one can imagine!

I think what these two authors do well is the power dynamic between their characters. How they portray their more submissive boys, like Aiden really resonates. He’s ballsy, clever and incredibly in control of himself, but you get the feeling that despite being in a relationship that there’s a missing something in his life. I also like that submissive doesn’t somehow mean less. This pisses me off in books that have a BDSM flavor, and while this novel was not hard core, there is a definite whiff of D/s. Karl was such a great character, pretty blokey, stoic and knows what he wants. He also has a predilection for leaving bite marks that I appreciated hugely. Nom.

Often we talk about world building in relation to a fantasy or sci fi novel, but I think this is equally important in a contemporary novel. I liked how most of the scenes are set either within Karl’s house, the garden or Aiden/Adams apartments and their stake out. They all felt very contained and caused the tension to ratchet up a few levels due to their close confines. It meant that most of the interactions were also based around the two characters and their developing intimacy, rather than extraneous events and people. One element of the book that did surprise me was the issue of fidelity between Aiden and his lover Scott. Normally this can be a deal breaker for me, but the authors made it work.

Truthful Change is a seriously sexy and rather marvelous read. Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow do not disappoint and I highly recommend this fab book. If you enjoy it, then do check out Bound and Determined. If you have a fetish for gardening boys (did I read something someone said about owning your fetish???) then do read In and Out but L.B. Gregg. nom.


9 thoughts on “Truthful Change by Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow

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  1. Sounds good! I’m adding it to my tbb!
    I agree with you on the world building in contemporaries.
    I’m glad that your two additional recs are already on my ereader. 🙂

  2. I really loved this story although at first I was a bit put off by Aiden’s infidelity. The more I read though the more I got into the story. I’ve enjoyed all of the books I’ve read by these authors.

    1. I am loving their work, and I thought they nailed it with Bound and Determined. Love their voice and the sex is magic stuff. Must have in PB!!!

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