Winter has finally arrived, heralded by flooding down south and my wooly tights making an appearance – I’m such a sex beast, srsly. Below are a couple of books I’ve read, one or two of which I’ve had mixed feelings about. Sometimes that’s not such a bad thing though. Provoking thought and all that kind of palaver!

I finally read Mary Calmes series A Matter of Time, after some badgering gentle nudging from Kris. When I got the 1st book I had read a few chapters and found that the editing and the crazy, self obsessed character of Joey kind of did my head in. So, I didn’t even finish it. But, by the power of Greyskull Kris I went back and finished reading the book (then got the next 3 parts) and I’ve decided I quite like the series DESPITE the godawful editing, repetitive nature of some of the scenes, annoying bad guys and occasional shark jumping plots. I like it much because of Joey. He kind of grew on me and so did Sam. So, thanks Kris. You’re a champ. I have turned into a total fangirl for Mary’s work. She’s cool beans. Get the books here at ARe or via Fictionwise.

Hidden Treasure is the second book I’ve read by V.B. Kildaire. The first was a gorgeous historical called The Desire for Dearborne. Hidden Treasure is a fantasy novel set in the fictional country of Jarvoct. Nobleman and soldier Jaxom and Lord Dorian Pelias set off on a journey through the wilds to recover a treasure for their respective countries. Adventure and manlove ensue. The world building was good, but at times it felt a little barren. The romance between the two leads was also slow to unfold, however it made their relationship seem a little more well developed and the tension was nicely done. If you’re into long horse journeys with cute ponies, swords and smoochy stuff, check it out here.

More Than Make-Believe by Tymber Dalton has been one book that has left me with very mixed feelings. Travis is a straight college student who needs to make a quick buck after being cut off by his parents. Replying to a modeling ad, he gets offered a contract to do a gay for pay porn flick. Let the gay for you begin. Merow. While I could suspend my disbelief quite happily and get into this rather lovely and grubby tale, I found I had a real problem with the thought of someone leaping into a porn movie ass bared, ready to bareback. I know. It’s a book. It’s fiction, but this really got my goat I’m afraid and kinds spoiled the rest of the story for me. Check it out here.

Son of a Gun by AM Riley was pretty cool. Stefan returns to his home town to attend the funeral of his best friend, only to find that his death is beginning to look more like murder. It was written in that very epic, old home town with prominent local family kind of feel, very gradual unfolding of the story and plenty of time to get to know that main characters. Lots of the story is dealing with Stefan’s feelings for his boyhood love and finding clues. Just like Scooby. I felt it was also left open ended and I really hope that author has more in store for these characters. I love the writing, AM Riley is definitely an auto buy for me.


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  1. Um, yeah, I’d have trouble with the leaping into porn bareback bit, yee-haw. Agree totally on A Matter of Time and AM Riley. Did you pick up AM’s new vampire hockey player short at Smashwords?? Great fun.

  2. I know it’s just a book, but despite the story being pretty good that element just felt totally unnecessary.

    No, I’ve not see the new AM Riley, post a link or email it. I’d love to get it. I’m a sucker for hockey AND vamps. 😀

  3. I felt the same about the Matter of Time books. Loved ’em despite the flaws.

    I’m about 3/4 through Hidden Treasure and find it an enjoyable journey/grail story. I think I’d like it better if some of the adventures lasted more than a day/night.

    Son of a Gun was very good. I may check out the vampire-hockey story, but I’m not really a fan of teh short books!

    1. I’m not quite finished the 4th. But loving it.

      Hidden Treasure does have quite short and choppy adventures, not as seamless as it could have been. Cute though.

      As for shorts, I go through binges of them. Occasionally have attention span of a gnat. 😀

      Loved your review of Truthful Change BTW, what a bloody brilliant book. I’m a few chapter from the end. SO good.

  4. I read Timing by Mary Calmes the other day. It was nice. Haven’t read any others and I’ve heard such mixed things about this series that I’m going to pass on it.

    leaping into a porn movie ass bared, ready to bareback That would bother me too.

    1. I like Mary’s style of writing, but MOT does take a little to get into. Timing has been one of my favorites. Loved Stefan and I’m really enjoying her work immensely.

      As for the bareback, it didn’t add anything to the story, other than semen.

  5. I have the first two Matter of Time books but haven’t tackled them yet. With all I hear about editing I’m just not sure.

    I have the AM Riley, haven’t gotten to it yet and yeah, if the books is based in reality, bareback porn, while certainly existing, seems a bit of a stretch for a newbie.

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