I’ve not been reading many full length novels recently. Instead, I’ve been reading short stories and erotic anthologies. Apart from being continually surprised at all the places these boys stash their lube (hello state of constant readiness), the other conclusion I’ve come to is that I have a small list of absolute musts for porn reading.
1. It must be sexy. (you’d be surprised O_0)
2. No preachy crap or triumph of the human spirit. bleh.
3. No squeamishness in the approach to the sex. Tension.
4. Tight writing with good story arc.
5. Some smoochy, romantic bits. Occasionally. Maybe? Not totally necessary.

College Boys: Gay Erotic Stories was a bit of a mixed bag, I think I was expecting a little more smut with feeling. But I found some of the writing somewhat grim. Really, I just wanted to read grubby college porn with smoochy bits. Out of the lot I enjoyed Self-Taught by Rob Rosen, rather tongue in cheek and lacking lube. Neil Plakcy was delightful as always with Coxed. The Stacks by William Holden was some super hot library smut. Right Way, Wrong Way by H. L. Champa had a character in serious need of getting his ass smacked. merow. Kissing the Joy by Jeff Mann, professor/indie tattooed student thing and he used the words palaver and perfervid. Grubby if a little depressing. Get via Amazon on Kindle.

Tight Ends: An Erotic Gay Football Anthology was a entertaining read. The title pretty much had me at football and with visions of hairy chests and tight behinds! I liked that most of the authors had an unabashed approach to writing sexual encounters (some were rather lovely and grubby) and that there appeared to be plenty of feeling between the characters.  The best ones were, Game Face by Gregory L. Norris, about roommates who take their relationship to the next level. Rough Sports by Johnny Murdoc was a sublime story set in a locker room, exploring a super grubby fantasy. omnomnom. Group Grunt by T. Hitman, was full of hairy, beary muscled goodness. The Not-at-all Offensive Guard by Clancy Natch had beautifully built tension and another locker room encounter. Oh, Number 42 by Ryan Field’s piece is set in the 60’s and is the tale of a college professor and his jones for a football playing office assistant. Is good. Get it here at ARe or at Fictionwise.

I enjoyed Johnny Murdoc’s story so much, I brought his two zines Blowjob 1 and 2. I really like his writing and these two are not to be missed. Sexy, hot and dirty. Get them here via his website. Check out his essays too, well worth reading, he’s a smarty.


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