Letter to an author – Jet Mykles.

Dearest Jet,

I adore your books. I do. They’re clever, sexy and well written and I must have them. Really it’s your fault  that my ebook spending is rabidly out of control, leaving me to live on carrots and mince. But what is more important, feeding my soul or my stomach?

I started out with your Heaven Sent series. It’s a bit of a story really (prepare to be wowed). I had never bought ebooks before. I was intensely paranoid that the eBook sites I had found were in fact covers for Nigerian scammers who would steal my credit card number and not provide the PDF’d dirty thrills I was craving on the other side of the world (or transfer the $1 mil in the holding account of an unknown but recently departed Uncle). I live in NZ, we’re a cautious bunch if you forget about the bungy jumping and mountain climbing. So, after several weeks of mooning around Loose Id, salivating over the covers, checking out the odd review and reading sticky pen (cause that was free) I brought Heaven. It was before I had my iPhone, so I read it on my clunky laptop and liked it so much. I was hooked, I bought all the boy band lusciousness I could get. The instant gratification of find, purchase and have, provided a satisfaction that my boys desire for cooked food didn’t. I spent several months with a chronic obsession with Gackt. merow. AND discovering the meaning of fan service. (incidentally, the boy is glad I’ve moved on from trying to make him listen to J Rock).

I think what I liked the most is the author voice thing you have going on. Your men are men and they’re occasionally grubby, but they’re pretty sweet and romantic too. I liked that in your menage’s that there is boys getting it on with boys and then girls join in too. It’s always astonished me that this isn’t a more natural thing for authors of meange fiction. I mean, its all natural when a free floating wang drops into any available hand and the fun continues. How can you not get a little turned on. Sillyness.

I like your descriptive powers too. Although, perhaps rhapsodizing over one of your characters ass is a little odd on my part. I promised to try and be a little more circumspect in my reviews in future. O-o Since I’ve brought it up, though, Davey’s butt is a sublime piece of writing.

So, keep on writing. Faster if that’s all good with you. Ta.

Love and smooches and be sure to check out the next fan letter at Smexy Books.

Written with help of Faktz.
Check out the wonderfulness that is Jet Mykles at her website.
My reviews of Jet’s books.
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41 thoughts on “Letter to an author – Jet Mykles.

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  1. What a lovely fan letter, and one that has me more convinced than ever I need to try one of Jet’s books. And I like men that are men, who talk and act like men, so that is another plus.

    I’m loving this blog crawl, and so glad I stopped by your blog 🙂

  2. Excellent letter Sarah. I love the Heaven Sent series and many of Jet’s other books. I’m not so keen on the girls in the mix but that’s a personal thing. She’s an awsome writer.

    I will say her Dark Elves series which only at first hinted at m/m that intrigued me and started me on the road to my current obsession, so Jet does hold a special place in my reading history as well. Great job.

  3. Wonderful letter, Sarah.

    I started reading Jet with her Dark Elves series and really liked her style. I then read the Heaven Sent series and fell in love with her guys. I’ve enjoyed many of her other books as well. Great choice!!

  4. Nice letter, Sarah!

    Jet’s books were some of the first ones I read in my migration to m/m, and I have the Heaven Sent books in print!

  5. Great letter! Jet Mykles is a fabulous writer. Her story “Tech Support” is one of my all time favorites. I wish that was available in print. I have the Heaven Sent series, which just keeps getting better every time I read it.

    I hope the author sees this lovely letter, filled with so many goodies. The links alone are worth checking out. *drool*.. oh and well that ass.

  6. Wonderful letter Sarah! Jet is another new to me author that I will have to look up after reading your post!

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. I love Jet’s work too. I seem to get caught up in all of her stories and especially the series. I just can’t stop myself from reading the next book – and I don’t WANT to stop. 🙂

    Thanks heavens for ebooks!

  8. Hey Sarah..
    Love this letter – I know this blog crawl thing is going to be expensive…

    I have the HEAVEN series – hopefully I will get to it soon. Good to know I am going to be reading something special..

    Thanks for the heads up hon..

  9. Fabulous letter, Sarah!! Like Tam, I’m not that thrilled when the girl bits get involved, but she has plenty of lovely girl-bit-free writing. 🙂 (Although I did tough out the girl bit thing to read Two Man Team after your review!)

  10. Great letter, Sarah.

    I think the Heaven Sent series must be on everyone’s reread list. My fave of the four is Faith. I love that book. 🙂

    Jet was also the first author to introduce me to cross dressing characters. I’ve been hooked ever since. *g*

    1. I still remember lying (well trying to anyway) in bed with my laptop. Not comfortable AT all. heh. And the fan on my mac going berserk because the duvet was in the way! 🙂

      Looking forward to seeing some of your letters chaps! 🙂

  11. Sarah, you are an absolute doll! mwah! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    I’m SO glad you enjoy my stories and how very, very sweet of you to write this. I must tell you that it comes at a good time. I’ve been having a hard time writing lately and lost of my confidence. Things like this help muchly!

    I am working on the first book of the sequel series for Heaven Sent. Indigo Knights 1: Squire is probably about halfway through the first draft. I really hope to be done with it pretty soon 🙂

    1. My absolute pleasure! You’re a marvy author and one of my favorite re reads. Don’t loose confidence, I am quite sure these things come in peaks and troughs. I am happy to just wait patiently for the next one. 🙂 Happy writing sweet pea!

  12. Great letter, Sarah! I don’t mind living on carrots and mince either as long as I can buy my m/m smut 🙂 Haven’t read Jet’s books yet, but the first Heaven Sent book is impatiently waiting on my ereader!

  13. I also spent weeks mooching at LI, convinced that putting in my credit card details would be like signing my name in blood and selling my soul. I’m glad I took the risk. I think the HS books were one of the first few I bought from LI and I’ve not looked back when it comes to Jet’s books – unless you count all the re-reads as looking back :).

    Great letter, Sarah.

    1. Heh, I should ‘fess up, too – I was at Loose Id for The Assignment (from a Dear Author review) and I was so deeply suspicious of the site. I think I left a few times before I decided to use my credit card there!

    2. Jenre and Chris, I’m so glad someone else felt the same. I thought it was just me! They were my first ones too. I then got stuck into JL Langley and the list goes on… Magic stuff. 🙂

  14. What a wonderful letter. I see more shopping in my future..this author blog is getting expensive. Oh well who needs to eat. I love Just for You. Now to go haunt Loose Id until payday.

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