I want your love.

I really enjoyed watching the In Their Room on Butt Magazine last year. It was pretty entertaining and something just a little bit different. Liked it much. I was pretty excited to read on Johnny Murdoc’s blog that Travis Mathews had made another piece called I Want Your Love. It’s not really porn as such, more along the lines of Shortbus and it was incredibly hot, erotic and I have a crush on Brendan’s mouth. There seemed to be real chemistry and tension between the boys and it was not clinical, which I often find porn to be. Not sure what else to wank on about, other than you absolutely must watch this because it is beautiful, and fucking hot, and if all not really porn was like this I’m not sure I’d leave the house. I hope the project gets loads of funding and they make more, so if you like it fill in the survey form.

See a clip from the movie at The Sword – just be aware it is most definitely not work safe and there is naked hairy butt. nom.

Check out a very cool interview with Travis Mathews from Johnny Murdoc.

Nice interview here with Jesse.

Below is an interview with Travis Michaels.

All images ganked from The Sword.


2 thoughts on “I want your love.

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  1. I know!! It is gorgeous and graphic, does not pull any punches and yet still maintains a depth of feeling and attraction between the two men. Porn can often leave me cold. This seems much more natural and unforced.

    I filled in the comment thing and can only hope they make it into a full featured piece. 😀

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