I’m blogging over at DIK today with a review of Poppy Z. Brite’s novel Second Line. Check it out here. Excellent read from one of my favorite authors.


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  1. Nice review! I’m a huge fan of Brite’s work, especially the Liquor series, and I was happy to see the two novellas get a wider release. Still, I’m happy to have them in the limited edition hardcovers. Finishing D.U.C.K. broke my heart, knowing that the series is more or less over until Brite decides to return to writing. Ricky and G-Man are hands-down my favorite literary gay couple—it’s in their exchanges that I see something reflecting my own relationship and they’ve achieved that rare status where characters feel more like friends than they do fiction.

  2. Nicely put and I absolutely concur. It’s such a great partnership between the two and they play off each others characteristics. Sounds cheesy, but they feel like a unit to me, a whole thats better together than apart. The aspect of friendship reminds me of my relationship too, best mates, not just a couple.

    I’m so sad that D*U*C*K is possibly the end.You can just hear the heartbreak of her voice in her blog about the hurricane though and I’m not sure how she could write more.

    1. I don’t read her blog that often anymore, but I was around the time that Katrina hit, so I definitely know what you’re talking about. I sympathize with her a great deal; my heart break has nothing to do with fan entitlement. I’m not angry that she’s not writing anymore, just sad.

      That being said, I do hope she makes a return. I was reading her writing before the Liquor series—I’ve read Drawing Blood several times, now— and I’ll stick with it even if she never returns to those two characters.

      In the meantime, I’ll take one of the books off of the shelf from time to time and have a flip through just to remember what was.


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