Guilty Pleasures

I like Jay Bell, he watches Dr Who. What else is there to say, he is obviously teh cool! I covet his Daleks… O-O He also writes books and video blogs on youtube. I thought this latest video was super cool and have to say when the boy is away my guilty pleasures are chips (or chups said with NZ accent) and feta/spinch dip and other rubbish food stuffs, woolly socks and blanket with pillow on couch (all day pj festivus) Flash Gordon, 16 Candles and yeah, maybe some pron or Antiques Road Show. I like to mix it up a little. heh.

What are yours? Enquiring minds want to know…


9 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

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    1. KC, that’s so cute!!!! My little sister is obsessed. I’m afraid – me less so. He’s just been for a visit down here, not sure it was a roaring success.

      O-o Some silly bint nicked his hat and his mum got knocked over at the airport. Not sure he was that impressed with down here!!

  1. Okay, I’m shocked and dismayed at KC’s secret pleasure.

    Ummm. I don’t know. When I’m alone … probably eating something like Doritos for dinner, or cake. Basically any night (usually Friday) I don’t have to cook a balanced meal for the kid means breakfast for dinner or junk. I like to stay in my pjs all day too if I can, and we often do.

    I suppose pron too. LOL Only when the kid is not home of course.

    1. OMG, we get doritos here in NZ now. They’re currently on a *hearts and minds* campaign for the NZ munchy dollar. Advertising all over the show. Not sure I’m that keen.

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