I’m hanging out to have the fire going and my wolly socks on high rotation. The trees here look lovely and if it wasn’t one of the warmest autumns ever, I’d be happy as a pig in poo. I like winter!

I’ve been trying to get through my TBR before buying more books, but I really do have little to no willpower and suck at the whole self control thing. heh. Some rubbish reads, some so bloody good I cannot wait to read more. Hello feast and famine reading.

As I read this book all I could hear in my head was the REM song Shiny Happy People. It was slightly over the top, the main character seemed to have no discernible  flaws (and had glitter AND sparkles) and the villan was evil like Dastardly Dick. I loved it. I was occasionally a little unsure if I should like it, which might sound weird, but some of the plot devices were definitely out there. Despite this, Timing by Mary Calmes was a thoroughly entertaining read and just worked. Check it out at ARe.

Discreet Young Gentleman by M.J. Pearson was a delightful read with great historical detail and star crossed lovers. At times it did not feel as polished as The Price of Temptation, but there was loads of historical man love goodness that more than made up for it. AND those covers just rock my socks. Get it here in paperback at the Book Depository.

Survival Instinct by Roxy Harte was a hard novel to get to grips with. There was plenty of great action to start and I loved the whole *stuck in a storm lets share our warmth* storyline at the start. But, after that the novel failed to fire for me. How the death of Brian’s brother and lover were dealt with was just too fast to be believable and the characterization of Tobias was not always appealing. While the style of writing was easy to read and reasonably entertaining, this was not an easy one to get through. Check it out here from Loose Id.

I’ve been re reading the wonderful Heaven Sent series by Jet Mykles. They’re such cool reads and quite frankly, thank heaven for lovely band slashy goodness. I am not sure there is a nicer way to spend a Saturday morning than in bed with Johnnie, Luc, Darien and Brent (though possibly quite crowded). I brought both books in paperback from the Book Depository at a fantastic price and those covers are just something else. omnomnom.


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  1. and the villan was evil like Dastardly Dick. I loved it

    Agreed, agreed – I loved it as well…

    I actually have the two Pearson historical books – I know I probably wont read them, but I adore the covers – I am such a cover slut…

    I just read a Roxy Harte F/F book – She does have some style… I look forward to more of her work..

    I can see your Saturday morning went well… I love those comfort read Saturday mornings as well..

  2. I just bought Timing last night because I’d heard good things, glad to have that reconfirmed.

    I do love the Heaven Sent boys. Not sure I have a favourite,

    1. Don’t think I have a favorite either. I find myself starting one and then glomming the rest. 😀 Hope you enjoy Timing, it was pretty fun and entertaining stuff.

  3. I should read Timing. I read The Guardian and hated that but I really liked her Change of Heart. She totally has an over the top style and some bad editing problems but when she hits a fun note, it’s guilty pleasure. It’s not good writing but it’s a lot of fun to read.

    I also recently read Survival Instinct and struggled to finish. I thought it was just kind of .. odd.

    1. I did not finish one of her books, cannot remember which one. It was too much and I’m trying to get through A Matter of Time, but not having much joy. I think like most authors, she either strikes a chord or not.

  4. Hee hee – obviously Tam was taking advantage of the Fictionwise sale last night, too, since that’s where I picked up Timing! Glad to hear that you liked it! Hmm, perhaps it’s time to reread the Heaven Sent books…

    Hopefully you received your bookity prize! 🙂

    1. God I’m hopeless, there was a sale at Fictionwise????? ehhhh.

      I did get my prize, not read as yet. Got a bee in my bonnet and did some review writing instead. Was on a roll and I need to take advantage of it when I’m feeling in the mood! Otherwise dust bunnies start collecting on my blog. heh.

      1. Still going on through the rest of the weekend!


        We don’t do this very often, so take advantage of 20% OFF ALL your eBooks this weekend with a 20% OFF coupon. To save, use coupon code: ‘043010’ during the checkout process.

          1. Well, you know, it’s apparently in keeping with my growing reputation as not only a book slut, but a book sluttery enabler. 😉

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