I seem to be doing more reading than reviewing lately. This is not such a bad thing as I’ve read some truly wonderful books in the past couple of weeks.

Strange Fortune by Josh Lanyon was a great fantasy read. I did find it a little difficult to get into initially, but after a couple of chapters I was totally sucked in. Unique world building aside, it was the characters and their budding attraction that kept me engrossed. I liked Valentine Strange and his lithe good looks, snippy comebacks and that he did not suffer fools gladly. He was a good foil for Aleister, who seemed rather vulnerable at times. Not in such a way that was irritating to read, but he definitely had a fragility about him that belied some of his actions. Characters with many facets always make for wonderful reading and I think this is something that Josh Lanyon does particularly well. Great read. Get it in paperback here at Blind Eye Books.

Broken Boundries by Evangeline Anderson is a bit of a weird one for me. There were definitely some bits that I liked, but lots of the book just drove me a little bat shit. I am willing to whip out my big ole suspension of disbelief undies for a good story, but unfortunately some of the world building and details of the ship flying were a little over the top. I liked some of the tension between the characters and the whole I don’t wanna be different thing, but the way some of the sexual stuff was dealt with and the non con just got on my goat. So, some good, some bad. Parts were definitely a guilty pleasure. Definitely an author I’ve enjoyed, but this one was just not my cuppa tea. Get it from Ellora’s Cave.

Immortality is the Suck by A.M. Riley was a seriously cool read. I did not pick it up initially as I was feeling a little over the whole vamp genre, but I really like the author so eventually gave in and brought it. Despite there being a very obvious romantic relationship between Adam and Peter, most of the book is seen through Adam’s POV and is about him dealing with waking up a bit dead and wanting to snack on people. I liked that Adam is a total shit and needs a boot in his ass, but it’s his underlying goodness that peeked through every now and then that kept me totally wrapped up in this book. Loads of drama and fast paced action that does not miss a beat. That and some seriously smutty sex. Loved it. Buy it from ARe and Loose Id.

Gatekeeper by Rayne Auster was an interesting read. The descriptions of Duiem, the Land of Earth and Fire, were reasonably well developed and provided enough detail to give you a good picture of the characters and their lives. Mystery over where Aniol comes from and how he and Kaji are going to save their respective lands provided pretty standard fantasy fare. The authors characterization and slow building of tension between the leads was nicely done and the book proved to be rather entertaining. Loads of wonderful secondary characters and adventure, definitely a pretty cool read. Check it out here at ARe.


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  1. I agree about Broken Boundaries.

    Loved Immortality Is the Suck, and I have to pick up the sequel soon (No Rest for the Wicked)! You should stop by my place – I’m giving away a copy of the latest AM Riley book. 🙂

  2. Yay!! Totally entering. 😀

    I brought the 2nd book in the AM Riley series last week. My poor credit card has been hammered in the past two weeks. heh. Am saving the book for a rainy day though. I swear I should make myself finish everything in my tbr before buying any more books, it’s like a bloody disease!

    1. I am weak. I was really trying yesterday and then broke down and got a new one from Loose Id. I suck basically. It was not that great either, I totally have buyers remorse.

  3. You really must try the sequel to Immortality. I’d say it’s just as good and you see a little growth in Adam. Haven’t tried the others but I’m really not much of a fantasy or sci-fi fan.

  4. Totally agree regarding Broken Boundaries. My least favorite of her books, all her others that I’ve read I liked.

    I’ve still got Immortality and its sequel in my TBB. Like you I’m trying to read a lot from my TBR but darn it, it’s so hard to not buy more books.

    1. I LOVED Str8t Boys, it was sexy as and totally cool. This one, meh, not so much liking.

      I am a shocker for buying new books. It’s just too easy sometimes and a good blurb and cover are pretty much all it takes. I am so easy!!

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