I’m really enjoying the new Goodreads app on my iphone at the moment. It’s made having a nosey at what my fellow reader geeks are reading super easy. I’m also starting to get into the m/m group which is a good way to find porn new books and authors. Plus, they’re a pretty interesting bunch. I came across a really cool podcast from one of my favourite reviewers Blip. Do check it out via the m/m romance podcast. Is cool!!

For readers who are after some print books the Book Depository is brilliant, especially if you’re outside the US. It’s a great alternative to Amazon. They’re cheap as chips and have free postage. All the books I ordered the other week came separately over 6 days. Like Christmas every day!! They’re my new favorite place to spend cash on the internets.

3D Porn. For reals. Maybe a little too scary for me. Although, I think if it was Scott Tanner or Samuel Colt, then maybe…

I ❤ Sheldon. He makes it all better.


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  1. The Book Depository is the Emerald City in the Land of Oz. Has a great selection of yaoi to Sarah – it’s where I buy mine from. 🙂

  2. Sarah,

    Thank u for the msgs. Im fine, can be better, but Im fine. .i have been lurking on this blog (love the new layout out by the way) and your tumblr..(a guilty pleasure/time suck if ever created..;-)
    Wuvs and thanks for the love and concern!

    1. Hey Ozakie, I’m so glad you’re ok. Biiiiiig smooches!

      I’m kinda liking this layout. Reminds me a little of my original one when I 1st started blogging and it kinda frames stuff better. Also looks good on mobile, if I do say so myself!

      Tumblr is a total time suck. I think I waste more time on there than writing reviews. I’m a shocker. heh. 😀

      Take care! x x x

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