Two Man Team by Jet Mykles

Others might be fooled into thinking Davey is just a computer nerd, but Jason knows better. He knows his geeky best friend is wicked to the core. Threesomes with girls lead them to try sex alone. Now Jason wants to make them a two-man team.
Synopsis via Loose Id.

It’s true, Davey has possibly got the most readable ass I’ve read this month. If you buy this gem for any reason, buy it for his ass alone. His behind was so well described and so well loved that even I was contemplating giving it a gold star. heh.

Two Man Team carries on from Jet’s previous book One For The Team, set within a couple of months of a wedding and of Davey, Jason et al. getting it on. Davey makes a few gentle suggestions to Jason that maybe he’d like to get the band back together, with some chicks, and so they do. There is much surreptitious watching of each other and almost touching during their sexorin fest, and until finally they end up in the sack, just the two of them. Nice.

Normally the whole chick as an add on can kinda squick me, as it often feels like she’s just the tag along. Unless the book is a purpose written menage. The way the author handled this was nicely done and even though they’re not a huge focus, how they’re dealt with was nicely written. I guess this was kinda important to me, that it fed and drove the plot rather than adding a random sex scene.

The chemistry between Davey and Jason was unspeakably hot and there are a couple of scenes that need some kind of achievement certificate or well done! Seriously, they were so filled with tension, angst and raw sexual appeal I am quite sure my wee iphone won’t ever be the same.

Jason’s voice was easy to read and at times provided surprising and unexpected turns in character. I liked that I was not really sure what was going to happen next. Sometimes I feel so jaded, I can tell you where a story is going. I think I read too much! But this was just a little different. And, was it just me or was Davey’s ass really that hypnotic? šŸ˜€

A wickedly hot read and I liked it lots. Get it from Loose Id.


9 thoughts on “Two Man Team by Jet Mykles

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    1. I must admit I need to get over the whole girl cooties thing sometimes, but this one just kinda worked for me! I think it needs to be done well. Samantha Kane and Jet are to authors who seem to get it. šŸ™‚

  1. I’m looking forward to reading this one. I have it in my queue. Do I need to read One for the Team before this one? If so, I’ll need to go get that one first.

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