The Dark Farewell by Josh Lanyon.

Don’t talk to strangers, young man—especially the dead ones.
It’s the Roaring Twenties. Skirts are short, crime is rampant and booze is in short supply. Prohibition has hit Little Egypt, where newspaperman David Flynn has come to do a follow-up story on the Herren Massacre. The massacre isn’t the only news in town though. Spiritualist medium Julian Devereux claims to speak to the dead—and he charges a pretty penny for it.
Synopsis via ARe.

The 20’s is such a wonderful era, I do happen to have a bit of a penchant for books set in this time. Add in some paranormal elements and sublime characterization and I am not sure how you could go wrong!

Flynn is really put together and his own man. He knows who he is, but there was an underlying sadness about him that drew you in. I liked the opening few chapters and that slow unfolding of his character, without launching into his romance with Julian straight off the bat. Julian is svelte and lithe and gorgeously engaging. He was such a great foil for Flynn’s more brusque nature and I just loved him. I guess in some ways you feel almost protective of him due to his upbring, but he’s not helpless. Just not afraid to need someone. I liked that and he wore a dressing gown for goodness sake!

They mystery was cool and, as all Josh Lanyon’s books do, it had me ferreting off online to check out historical facts and interesting stuff. The balance of erotica and story telling was nicely done and I was left, as always, just wanting a little more. Not sure this is such a bad thing though!

Awesome read and well worth picking up. Check it out here at ARe and Samhain Publishing.


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  1. Looks like the roaring 20’s is the new up and coming thing!

    Sarah, I know you mainly read MM, but you should really try Lorelie Brown’s Jazz Baby that takes place in NYC in the 1920’s. A great, great romance.

    1. I do read loads of m/m, but I do read a few paranormals too and anything that people rec that sounds interesting! Jazz Baby sounds very cool, will check it out. Thanks. 🙂

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