So, work is kicking my ass. Enjoying it, but I’m a bit stuffed and all I can be bothered doing is updating my pron tumblr and reading tweets about making kimchi. Is tired!!! Have discovered/rediscovered a few blogs, so I thought I’d do a link love page. Be warned, none of them are particularly work safe!

Starfighter – read it online. It’s cool and you can get the 1st printed issue via their site. I want some Starfighter undies too!

The Art of Nickie is a bara blog and I LOOOOOVE the jogger pic. Sex on a stick.

Bleuboys, overtly masculine and musular. Nice, but posts infrequently.

Book ov Pleasure is just grubby stuff. Nice. SO grubby.

Fuck Yeah Hot Weird Guys. Nuff said.

Dronjo. Art works from the artist (who I’m a rabid fangirl of) and bearded niceness.

Finally, Goodreads has an iPhone app. So far it is ok… having some problems ordering my books properly, which is a little screwy. Guess we’ll see how it goes!


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