She’s Got Balls by Mia Watts

When the FBI and local law enforcement team up for a mutually beneficial crime-stopping partnership, Rookie Agent Chris Tarpington and Detective Vin Pilk team up to prototype the new alliance. How better to bust a ring of drug dealing suburban house wives than to go undercover-way undercover, as a married couple?
Though Chris reluctantly gets in touch with his feminine side, he quickly finds ways of making his sexy partner squirm. And Vin is definitely squirming, but will he run away from his faux wife, or right into ‘her’ arms?
One thing is for sure: as the investigation heats up, ‘inter-agency cooperation’ will take on a whole new meaning…
From Resplendence Publishing.

Mia Watts has a hard case turn of phrase and cracked me up. An entertaining and quick read, this was certainly just a little different.

The dialog was probably the most appealing part of the story. It was quick, mouthy and Chris was such a smarty. The characterization was clever and I enjoyed the boys immensely. Her descriptions of men and what men do lacked some of the prudishness that can populate some m/m romance novels. Morning wood much?

I liked some of the physical descriptions, Vin seemed to embody all my nasty Samuel Colt fantasies of rounded porn star ass and bulky calves. Chris drooling over him was so funny, he was a total clown.

It did have a couple of issues, I thought some of the smex prose was a little jarring to read as it did become a little flowery at times and did not seem to fit in with the grubby boys book I was loving. The ending was also pretty abrupt and there was too much true lurve for a book this short. I think I could have been persuaded into a happy for now ending as opposed to the big bow this one was tied up in.

However, I liked this book. It was quick, smart and funny and despite my issues I’d be really keen to see what this author can do with a longer format and tighter editing. Cool beans.

Check t out here at ARe and Fictonwise.


11 thoughts on “She’s Got Balls by Mia Watts

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  1. Oh yes, this is a great little book. I had many of the same issues you did, but that hasn’t kept me from rereading either. 🙂 Something about those cop/buddy romances that keep me coming back for more.

  2. Ironically, I have the same problem with that Watts woman’s book. I’m sure it has something to do with the requirements of the publisher and needing the HEA at the end. But seriously? The bitch should just let the thing hang every once in a while, right? There’s nothing wrong with steamy cop sex and tangled sheets and one night stands. Viva la raunch!

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