Click on the pic to view more of this photographers work. Beautiful and beardy.

Below are a few links that I’ve come across that are kinda cool.

Two new review blogs, Three Dollar Bill Reviews and also MANtasticfiction. Have read a couple of reviews on both sites and it will be interesting to see how they turn out.

Man’s Adventure has really cool art and  I love his squared off style. Kinda funky.

Homocomix is one of my favorite follows on tumblr. He continually posts some srsly cool work.

On a more personal moany note, the kindle iPhone app blows goats. There is no page turning animation thing (the slidey transition makes my eyes sore) AND I do not like DRM ebooks. They suck. This was the only way I could read The Mane Squeeze however, so I am kinda stuck with it until someone sees some sense and I can get my ebooks via plain old pdf or epub. Amazon you suck big hairy goat balls. It takes all the fun of being able to put the book into a folder on my HD, label it and catalogue – a nerdy occupation to be sure. But srsly? It is these things that give me pleasure! This is not my only moan, the cost was ridiculous. As much as I love her work, I think I’ll get the pb next time. At least I’d be able to shelve that sucker.

I am almost out of good books to read. So suggest away PLEASE!!!! I am bidding on an auction for The Catch Trap, but that will mean it is still a week or so away. Plus it looks like some new digital comics are coming soon, but I need some good reads now!! The plumbing of the characters is not important, good writing is essential!


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  1. Thanks for the mention for Three Dollar Bill!

    I LOVE homocomix and seriously use their comics quite often. Fabulous all over the place.

    I wish I had some good book suggestions, I think you’ve read everything I’m catching up to but I hope someone gives some options soon. I’ll be lurking too.

    1. Hey Kassa, glad to!! Cool to see cool new ebook blogs. 🙂

      I am nearly done with an arc (which is COOOOL) and also The Mane Squeeze. Then, I got nothing. Well, not much anyways! 😦 Need moar books.

  2. Oh, I hadn’t found MANtastic yet – thanks!!

    Um. Feel free to poke around my LibraryThing (link in my sidebar) for the gay tag, then sort by # of stars, if that helps you find something to read…

    1. A few new blogs popping up. Some look kinda cool, others less so!

      I shall go and have a nosey through your librarything… I needs something to read that is lengthy and well written. That I haven’t read. heh.

      1. I was just skimming through my 5 and 4.5 star books and yup, most of them are a decent length and well-written. The A Matter of Time series by Mary Calmes has crap editing, however.

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