Becoming Us by Anah Crow and Dianne Fox was a wonderful post Christmas read. A college coming out/coming of age story about finding that sometimes someone to love can be right under your nose. Awwwww! While the angst level had the potential to be rather overwhelming, it was nicely balanced with much smex and the pacing was quick, clever and provided me with much entertainment. A great read with memorable characters. Get it from Torquere.

Goldilocks and His Three Bears by A. M. Riley was a ripping good yarn that did not really pretend to take itself too seriously. Brian is such a skank, but a likeable one and his penchant for the hairy and beary strongly influences his choices in partners. Luckily (could my tounge be any further in my cheek) there are 3 hirsute boys who live under the same roof – so there is not too far for Brian to go to try out the next bed. Daddy bear, momma bear and baby bear all provided Brian and me with much entertainment and just a few giggles! Get it via Reader Store.

Carol of the Bellskis by Astrid Amara had the authors trademark sense of humor and well executed plot. I really like her writing style and Seth and Lars angst and snow affected romance was a delightful read. I think she nailed the pacing of the story as it comes in at a pretty pivotal time in the boys relationship. The story flows over the ensuing angst beautifully. I think Lars did seriously need a kick in the pants, but his coming to terms with his sexuality and what was important to him made this a sweet read. I am beginning to look forward to this time of year and these holiday reads! Check it out here at Loose Id.

Wanting by ML Rhodes had a great premise. College boys discovering their love for one another, working through family issues and coming clean about their feelings after an illicit night of sex. It should have rocked my wee socks off, but the execution failed to fire with me and I was left feeling a little disappointed. While all the elements were there, at times the characters level of angst overtook the story and their development seemed stilted. Still, a quick read if you’re up for some college boy smooching. Check out the book here.

I read Amor En Retrogrado by A. M. Riley because Treva Harte said it was cool beans. Reading the synopsis, after I bought it, I was initially not that keen as the book focuses on an established couple and the break down of their relationship. I am rather guilty of preferring that first flush of romance between a couple and all that lovely anticipation. I was happily proved wrong and could not have enjoyed this book more. It was romantic, heart breaking and beautifully written. I think I almost got what I wanted really, but don’t want to spoil it! I loved it. Check it out at ARe.


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  1. I wasn’t sure I’d like Amor en Retrogrado, either, but I definitely did. Might need to reread Becoming UsCarol of the Bellskis is on my TBB list.

  2. I loved Goldilocks and His 3 Bears. It was such a funny tongue in cheek book and almost the opposite in tone and seriousness to Amor En Retragrado which is an equally great book but very, very different. I like an author who can write in a variety of styles and these two books show just how versatile AM Riley is as an author.

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