End of year tired is setting is settling in. So, in an effort to get my Christmas fairy pants on, below are a few Christmas links you must check out.

Santa, NO!! Some funny Kris Kringle pics. Hours of viewing pleasure. I ganked this from Warren Ellis. Just be aware there is the odd picture of naked and chapped ass in there.

The delightful Emmy is having a contest at her blog for a free copy of Black Wade. Honestly, you want this book, it’s brilliant. Get your butt over there and enter! Closes Sunday night.

From December 26 to January 1, the Fiction with Friction team are posting free fiction on their blog. I am never one to say no to free porn, so I’ll see you there!

So, you’re new to ebooks and don’t know the where, how or why? Then check this post out at The Naughty Bits. In fact, check out the whole blog. I think you can find more useful iphone apps, book recs, ebook news and other interesting stuff here than you can shake a stick at.

Chris has all sorts of links, competitions and stuff. Check out her blog, it is a gold mine of goodness!

Will via Butt Mag, frank, intimate and kinda cool. I’ve really enjoyed the few In Your Room posts they’ve done.

T-shirts are cool. The cumshot t-shirt via East Village Boys. heh. AND the coolest t-shirts for your inner movie geek are to be found here at Last Exit To Nowhere. Fucking cool.

Finally, I thought this clip was pretty funny.


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