On Art – Interview with Dale Lazarov #2

This is the 2nd part of an interview with Dale Lazarov. Check out part one here. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did. 🙂

Are there any particular scenarios you’re more drawn to? Where do the ideas come from?

I have to find the middle ground between what I want to see in a gay erotic comic, what the illustrator wants to draw as a gay erotic comic, and what Bruno Gmünder Verlag wants to publish. Say, if Steve asks me to write for him again, I will write him a groovy-deluxe 70s gay guy story. Bastian has a degree in antiquities studies and I think Vikings are hot but Gmünder only wants slice-of-life comics so fantasy gay erotic Vikings are out. Fortunately for me, limitations make me very creative.

Also, there’s the whole business of doing something in the genre that’s new and makes good comics for its own sake. You could claim that randy stripper slut gay porn stories have been well represented in, say, MEATMEN, but the level of erotic choreography of the Viking burlesque stripper scene in “Flaming”, which takes ten pages to unfold by itself, is something not seen before and something I’d love to see drawn. Since Bastian Jonsson is an extremely dynamic illustrator with a lot of Marvel-style potency in him, I expect him the erotic dancing to be fulminatingly wonderful. Woof!

Have there been any particular characters that your artists have created that have stayed with you? Favorites?

I love them all and refuse to choose between them. Think of me as a polyamorous author. 🙂

Are there any images out of all the books you’ve done that you are particularly fond of?

I am going to limit myself to books currently in print so the next time we talk I have other pages to boast of in writing 🙂

If it’s down to sex pages that get my motor running instantly, here’s a few. The kissing and nipple play page in “Hold On”, the 69 splash page “Talk Show Queers”, and the cassocked cock reveal in “Treats” in STICKY. The pec-fucking page in “Busted”, the kissing and petting page on the gym office desk in “Clinch” and the kissing in the stacks splash page in “Hot Librarian” in MANLY. The rimming page in “Hard Cases”, the interfemoral condom-breaking pages in “Layover” and the two full-bodycuddling pages in “Closing Time” in NIGHTLIFE. And all the bukkakke in all the books. 🙂

As far as character relatedness pages that make me fall in love with the guys go, these are my faves. From STICKY: In “Hold On”, the page where the older guy kisses the younger guy because he is delighted that they’re about to flip fuck and the younger guy swoons a bit. The last page of “Talk Show Queers” that I don’t want to spoil. The entire four pages of “Too Drunk To Fuck”. From MANLY: the awkward, post-coital sitting in the couch pages in “Busted”. The playful sparring pages in “Clinch”. The last page in “Hot Librarian” that I don’t want to spoil. From NIGHTLIFE: the two subway train pages in “Hard Cases”. The meeting of the eyes in the airport bar page in “Lay Over”. The two pages where the punk boy dresses the biker bouncer in genderfuck fetish gear and does his makeup in “Closing Time”. And all the tenderness in all the books. 🙂

What other artists work do you enjoy or admire?

Here’s my collaborators wish list: Rob Clarke, Logan, Michael Broderick, Luc Latullipe, Craig Hamilton, Dave Davenport, Chaz, Ed Luce, Glen Hanson, P. Craig Russell, Patrick Fillion, Steve Sadowski, Theo Bain, Brad Rader, Laura “Zel” Carboni and Sina Grace. Yes, I am a greedy writer/editor.

Plus I have been able to move Mioki, Diego Gomez, and Chas Hunter from the wish list to the “collaborating with” list — Chas and I signed a collaborative contract a couple of weeks ago — so my optimism is not founded in loony ambition. But note that so much depends on time, money and collaborative chemistry!

What have we got to look forward to in the next year or so from you?

Foxy Andy will self-publish an ashcan of the second story in CHUMS next spring as a teaser while the whole book is drawn and colored. Chas and I are hoping to have BULLDOGS on the market in Spring 2011. Delic Van Loond and I are in talks with a publisher for FANCY, too.

Thanks so much Dale for taking the time to answer these, I appreciate it! It was fun and seriously interesting and I do hope Bruno reconsider a Viking story, sounds like something I’d love to read!!

Check out Dale’s latest book Nightlife, it is gorgeous!


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