When Work is a Pleasure by Alix Bekins

Introverted young reporter Garrett Kowalski is unprepared for the reality of his weekend assignment at the Folsom Street Fair, where he’s assigned to interview porn stars, including Justin. Garrett has no choice but to come out of his shell when Justin and his co-worker tease him up onto the stage for a live demonstration. That might have been that—just a one-off job—but Garrett takes advantage of follow-up fact checking for his article to get to know Justin better… and it leads to an unexpected friendship and flirtation that just might grow into something more.
Synopsis from Dreamspinner Press.

The moment I read the words porn stars I could not resist picking this ebook up. Not only was I interested in how the author would handle a romance between a star and an every day average jones, but I spend an unseemly amount of time stalking following my favorite stars on twitter. This book seemed like all sorts of porn star slash goodness!!; if there is such a thing and after seeing Sam and Dean slash, I do believe anything is possible. O-o

So, the story rockets along, and I’ve been meaning to wash the windows and clean the outside of the house, but I cannot be assed as all I really want to do is read this book. It was really engaging and both characters felt well drawn and I liked the frank approach to Justin’s job. Garrett is less hung up about everything than I expected, which was a welcome suprise as the author could have been pretty predictable in that respect. Not that it’s all a bed of roses and rainbow sparkly unicorns, but there was no sobbing in hankies and other twaddle that could have been a downer.

The sex, as one would expect, is rather delicious and I liked the less than traditional approach the author took to some of the scenes. There were no set moves that one comes to expect in this kind of book. Instead there’s some smokin exhibitionism, delightful frottage and these boys blow each other in what is often a virtuoso head giving performances. Omnomnom!

If I have any whining to do it is about how abruptly the book ended. Leave me hanging much??? The story ended so quick I did feel a little bereft and the story itself did not feel done. I have my fingers and toes crossed that the author is going to write a little more about these two boys.

This was a super quick read of slashy goodness with much smex. Check it out here at Dreamspinner Press or ARe.

If you’ve time on your hands, then check out these twitter accounts. Be aware however, that any of the following links are distinctly not safe for work. (although, srsly reading my blog at work any time?????? WTH?) Reciprocity is expected and if you’ve any twitter accounts worth having a nosey at, then do share!!

Samuel Colt of course, he’s smart, funny and pats tigers in his spare time. Tony Buff – sigh. Rob Romoni, the undisputed King Of Twitter… just sayin! Scott Tanner is just incredibly beautiful. Element, who posts interesting twitpics/twitmovies O-O and is a total grub. I adore his tweets. Chris Yosef has seriously good hair and a great blog. Tony Aziz also pats tigers… and finally gpcrush, cause she’s cool beans. 🙂


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