Some good reads in the last week or two and one crushingly bad hardcover.

I Spy Something Wicked by Josh Lanyon was an absolute gem. His books are like presents. You unwrap the first few chapters and there is always untold goodness underneath. 😀 After enjoying the first book in the series so much, this was a delightful follow up to I Spy Something Bloody. Stephen and Mark are now living together, but when Mark gets the call to go on one last final mission their relationship is jeopardy. Apart from the gorgeous drama the smex was incredibly hot. Merow! Loved this one! Get it here from Loose Id.

Blood Noir by Laurell K. Hamilton, Dear lord, this book sucked the will to live right outta me. I skipped pages, I rolled my eyes and worst of all… I skipped the sex scenes. ME! I love grubby were or vamp pron, but this book blew goats and I just could not bring myself to read it in the end. I’ve been assured by a friend that the next one is better, so fingers and toes crossed.

Bit late to the party, but I finally got round to reading Beautiful C*cksucker #1 & #2. While I felt the 1st novel ended rather abruptly and needed more fleshing out, the 2nd book was quite enjoyable. After reading some internet discussions I was not sure that everyone feels that the BDSM content was authentic, but you know what? It is fiction. Come on!!!! It floated my boat in an older, austere man kinda way and I liked it muchly. Check them out at ARe.

Sacred Fate by Eresse is set in a hermaphroditic society with lashings of fantasy and rather epic world building. The story was pretty engrossing and a lot of that is down to the world she’s created and solid story telling. I did get a little lost when I started it due to the many characters initially introduced and it was difficult to distinguish between them. I liked the story for the most part, but found the Lassen very hard to warm to and Rohyr almost too overbearing. An interesting and unique story. Get it here from Liquid Silver Books.


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  1. *shudders* Blood Noir. The most disappointing, WTF-inducing book I’ve ever read. I so badly wish that I had waited until it came out in a library.

    But no. No. I have that book forever now. *sobs*

    1. I know!!! I packed a bit of a sad over that one. *I* could have written something better and this from someone who barely copes with 140 characters in twitter. hehe.

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