Bitter Creek’s Redemption by by T.A. Chase.

Bitter Creek is a town on the brink of war.

Lines are being drawn and sides taken as two powerful men gather armies of gunfighters. The townspeople are helpless and the law worthless. One man has already died in the opening salvo of this land war and an air of fearful anticipation hangs over the town.

Eagle, the half-breed who works at the livery stable, manages to survive by not taking sides, until one day a stranger rides into town. Eagle’s life changes, and he realizes that he can no longer hide with his horses if he wishes to be the man he claims to be…
Synopsis from Amber Allure.

bitter creekCowboys, guns and bad guys made this a thoroughly entertaining read. I do like a good western romance (preferably with a happy ending) and while this did have a few rather traditional romance tropes, the book still delivered a great story with characters I found myself totally wrapped up in.

Eagle, the local half breed, who lives and works in the small town was interesting. He’s very much aware of his own sexual preferences, but  keeps them well under wraps unless the guy is a sure thing. The instant chemistry between Eagle and Travis is pretty hot, with much stable boy and bad gun fighter smex. Travis is more conflicted than Eagle and does spend a lot of time wringing his hands – in a very manly, ice cold kind of way! This made for lots of angst and surreptitious sex. Merow.

In some ways the book reminded me of classic Johanna Lindsey and to be honest I am not sure why (or if someone will throw something at me for that comment!) I wondered if it was the narrative structure and pacing. You know what’s going to happen, but it feels fresh and enjoyable despite this. The writing felt clean and without to much stuffing around and the action felt that way too. I think this was why, despite some of the old hat character types that it was so enjoyable.

Well worth a read and have fingers crossed for more cowboys. AND I really like the cover, all cowboys need eyeliner!

Available here through Amber Allure and Are.


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