Lots of good reading in the past week or so, which is always a bonus. Feel like I’ve had much bang for my buck!

6499715Pure Folly by Madelynne Ellis has me with my fingers crossed that this author writes more m/m romance. Two men stuck in a tower, secretly wanting to jump each others bones with some spectral smex thrown in for good measure. This was such a naughty, grubby little book and I loved it. Not sure if it was the authors voice, which felt very British at times, or the confined space that the book was set. Whatever it was made my glasses need de fogging. Excellent historical romance, more please! Check it out here at ARe.

5958281The Elegant Corpse by A.M. Riley has to be one of my favorite recent contemporary BDSM reads. I throughly enjoyed the characterization, Roger was so contained and Sean was the exact opposite. It was beautifully written, with maybe the occasional bit that needed a little more smoothness and I am certainly looking to read more from this author. And, Sean had red hair; am a bit of a sucker for the ginger. LOL. Get it here from ARe and check out this excellent full length review from Jenre.

41q2SJzu3sLReady to Serve: Arresting Gay Erotica by James Buchanan is brilliant. While I had read one of the stories before from another publisher, this is one anthology that did not disappoint. James writes men how I want to read them, delicious, hot and occasionally nasty! I think I also liked the diversity of men in the book, especially Vito, he cracked me up. From erotic encounters to softer romantic moments, this is one not to miss. Check it out at ARe.

just for you jet myklesJust For You by Jet Mykels was a sweet gay for you piece that was seriously cute and hot! It felt like a book that didn’t take itself too seriously and as a result a plot device that might have had me rolling my eyes was an absolute delight. A throughly enjoyable read from one of my favorite authors. Get it at Loose Id.

6520256Laying a Ghost by Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow was a good contemporary read with some paranormal elements. The setting was well drawn and I enjoyed the premise. However, I did find the middle really lagged at times and it was occasionally a struggle to finish. There was much angst and lovely drama and the relationship was very passionate. Just needed to be more tightly written with an eye to better pacing. Buy the book here via ARe.


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  1. Great review round-up, sarah.

    So glad you liked The Elegant Corpse, Sarah. I agree that it’s one of the best BDSM books I’ve read.
    I loved JFY too and also liked that it didn’t take itself too seriously.
    I’ll have to check out ‘Pure Folly’, sounds good.

    1. Pure Folly was cool, something that felt just a little different. Very angst and drama, but just lovely. Your review of Elegant Corpse was so lovely, I had to read it!!

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