Say a little prayer…

I am so addicted to Glee. It’s like High School Musical for big kids. Really, I am such a nerd. 😀

The ‘Say a Little Prayer’ number, character Quinn Fabray did the other week, so cute! The resulting numbers on youtube are even cooler! Ganked this from Stephen Rader‘s blog.

Found this on youtube whilst feeding my addiction!


9 thoughts on “Say a little prayer…

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  1. People bugged me ALL SUMMER to watch this show (I normally avoid everything on FOX because they cancel all my shows) and now I’m the one who is adoring it completely and they’re the ones who are finding faults left and right.

    Apparently the first half of the season will be out on DVD at the end of the year. Even though I hate split season DVDs, yeah, I think I won’t be able to say no to that. Curses!

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