Black Wade: The Wild Side of Love by Franze and Andärle.

The rough and merciless pirate Black Wade and his band are the scare of the seven seas. And just like his greed for gold is insatiable, his sexual craving knows no boundaries as well: When they board a British ship, Wade takes Lieutenant Jack Wilkins as a prisoner to satisfy his lust. At first Wilkins struggles with all his might, but soon he has to acknowledge that he actually has pleasure in the eager sexual encounters with the handsome pirate. In the meantime his fiancée Annabeth is waiting wistfully for the return of Jack, not knowing if he’s still alive. And on the pirate ship emotions are running high as well: Buccaneer Marak keeps a jealous watch over the prisoner Jack. He would love to polish Wade’s gun barrel himself. Due to the rising nervousness Wade realizes that he cannot allow himself the tender feelings he begins to have for Jack. To prove how merciless he is, he maroons Jack on a raft and relinquishes him to the forces of the wide ocean. But that’s nowhere near the end of the story…
Synopsis from Franze and Andärle. Purchase via Bruno Gmünder

black wade cover finalI can understand exactly what Franze and Andärle mean when they say that their style is; nifty and thoroughly in the details. This precision makes the world of Black Wade incredibly rich and one that you will want to revisit often.

tavportfolio05ingThe opening is well scripted with a backstory that deftly gives you an understanding of Jack. A young man, engaged to the luscious Annabeth, but filled with forbidden desires for more masculine curves. Jack has great strength of character and integrity, but he is no match for the merciless pirate who captures him and subjects him to all manner of wicked, nasty goodness. Black Wade is a swarthy, likable rogue with much lustrous hair and beard. I’d like to give him pats. He also has rugby player thighs. These are the very best kind of thighs to have you understand! heh.

black wade waterThe art is incredibly beautiful. The tension and lust between Jack and Black Wade is palpable and so incredibly hot. I think my favorite panels are of Jack when he is sleeping early on in the book and having some rather erotic and lickable dreams! I also liked the images of Wade lolling about in his room, ship, bath and bed… all of them! He is just lush. The whole book is so gorgeous and it is difficult to narrow it down to just one or two images. The emotion conveyed through the color is also a large part of what makes this such a memorable read and the moody, dark palate used in the picture of Wade on the ship illustrates this point beautifully.

tav00ingThis is absolutely a must have and has to be one of my favorite reads I’ve purchased this year. It has everything I love in a comic, dashing heroes, star crossed lovers, bad guys, knee breeches, ships, rope, leather boots  and more swashbuckling that you can shake a stick at. Clever, beautiful, utterly romantic and a wonderful 5 star plus read.

So, I liked it. Just a bit. 😀

Check out more images and character portfolios here at Jimbo comics.

Get it here via Amazon USAmazon UK, Fishpond Au and Bruno Gmünder.


26 thoughts on “Black Wade: The Wild Side of Love by Franze and Andärle.

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    1. If you liked Patrick’s work or Manly I think this will appeal. Incredibly romantic, whimsical and SOOOO hot. I’ve read it several times now. LOL 😀 The art is just that good.

  1. You mentioned this a while ago and I picked it up. 🙂

    So far the only m/m graphic novel (?) I’ve bought. The artwork is beautiful and maybe there will be a sequel?

    1. I am so pleased you did Lesley, it is a cool book and you’re so right, the art is beautiful. I really do hope they do something as they’re definitely an auto buy. 🙂

      If you liked it, maybe check out Manly by Dale Lazarov and Amy Colburn. It is comprised of 3 short stories and is by the same publisher. For more erotic stuff, check out Class Comics too. There is also loads of Yaoi out there. I prefer more masculine stuff and have a few titles in my goodreads. I am certainly not as well read in Yaoi as some though!!

  2. Oooooh I love this comic!!! I order one too!!!!
    I Would have those pics withouth the letters???? Please!!! I love it!!! Great Quality! =)
    Hugs From Spain!

    1. Hi Shilon, thanks for the comment. 🙂 You can check out more images at the website Franze and Andärle have. It is gorgeous!!!

      I think these two are so clever and the book is simply stunning. I’ve read it loads of times and it still manages to totally suck me in with that incredible art and gorgeous romance.

  3. The pictures look great and the story sounds interesting, but before buying it i’d like to download and read it. Does anyone know were could i download Black Wade?

    1. Nope, sorry. It has only just come out in hardback at this stage. Totally worth getting and reading and if it is just pics you want, check out the boys website. There are loads of nice pics there. 🙂

  4. I just got this book…… I of course enjoyed the plot, characters, but 1st impression was, the illustrations are so detailed and looked as if it took so much painstaking work. The drawings seemed like so much love and care was put into it. Just like with the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

    True enough, I had to email the creators, and got a lengthy reply and answer the same day, from Mr Franze (designer). It took them 4 years during their free time to complete the volume.

    Great read and makes a good coffee table book. 😉

  5. Got this book on the strength of your review alone and I love it! I will never be parted from it. Thank you for such a wonderful recommendation.

    1. Hey Mary, it is so cool that you enjoyed it as much as I did! Glad you’ve had a chance to read it. I have my fingers crossed these boys have more coming one day 😀

  6. When I saw the art work, I practically drooled!
    When I get paid next week, I will be spending my money on a copy of this must buy book.

  7. I Finally got my copy and dragged my ass over here to tell you OMG *drroools* This is made of SO.MUCH.WIN!! I cannot stop licking…err looking at the pages. AWETASTIC!! Thanks so much for the tip!!

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