Hero by Perry Moore.

cover_hero hero-perry-mooreThis will definitely be added to the to buy list after watching Paul’s review. Obviously a good read! There is a great interview here with Perry Moore and check out his website and his hero list.

I’ve also seen a great post at Heroes and Hunks, 104 LGBT Super Heroes, Villains and Supporting Cast, (NSFW) which is incredibly cool and has some great artwork. I especially love the Wiccan and Hulkling pics from Dronio, god his work is just incredible. (Been thinking of getting his Magna Veritas, apart from the whole me reading French thing heh :)).


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  1. Wicked, glad someone else has enjoyed it. 🙂 Just rang Borders and another local store and they have it. Off into the city this arvo to get it. 😀

  2. Just read that is a blog… can you imagine?? Be seriously cool.

    Off into town now to get it. Feeling a bit bleh, hope I am not getting something. I have too much reading to do!!

  3. I am up to chapter 4 and there was a line a few pages ago where I nearly got teary. Me, teary! a little boy just wanting his dad to look back on him with approval *sniff* SOOOO GOOD!

  4. To Sarah and all the other remarkable participants of Rain On The Roof,

    I wanted to send a heartfelt thank you. It is truly a writer’s dream to connect with audience, especially in this case where the discussion and comments are so passionate and real.

    If I had to name only one simple goal I had in mind when I wrote HERO, it was to do what so many of you point out: that in fact there can be a superhero star of his own story — not a comic relief background character, not a victim, not a joke — but a very real person with an epic coming of age story, and, oh yeah, he just happens to be gay. I endeavored to make the characters and the story itself as real and authentic as possible. I had no agent, no publisher, no inkling that a book of such a pioneering nature would find its own unique audience, no assurance the pages I wrote would ever turn into s book that reaches into the universal longings we all share and experience.

    Thank you for assuring me that there is a whole new generation of real-life heroes out there, ready to be moved my this story, and hopefully, ready to save the world.

    Please write me at perrymoorestories@gmail.com I’d love to know your thoughts and suggestions for the sequel I’m writing to HERO. And I’m happy to give you any personal insight to where the story of HERO was born. It comes from such a real place that at times it was so painful to write it. But worth every ounce of the hurt if Thom can show just one of you that you are yourself a real-life HERO.

    And I’ll divulge any secrets you may want to know about the sequel, about the next series of books that turns the fantasy genre of Twilight and Narnia on its ear, like I aimed for in the world of supers in HERO.

    Aim high for that inner hero, and my best to all of you!
    PERRY MOORE,author of HERO (perrymoorestories@gmail.com)

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