SubSurdity: Vignettes from Jasper Lane by Eric Arvin

subIn suburbia, the residents of Jasper Lane  seem to live rather idillic lives with immaculate gardens, barbecues, chats over the fence and jogging. But, beneath the shiny neighborly halos lurk much more delicious goings on and some less than sterling behavior.

The initial chapters unfold around the image of a young man jogging down the street, with each residents experience of this leading the reader through the intricate, entwined lives of the people who live on Jasper Lane. The author has a smart, astute and engaging style. Even the obnoxious Melinda Gold and her dreadful mother had a certain charm! The sly wit and humor definitely had me sniggering and banned from reading it in bed. hehe.

The romance between Rick and James, while not the novels sole focus, was sweet. I loved Ricks kindness. He was so appealing and had me quietly cheering him on as he learned to take a few risks in life with James, who is not out to his friends and family. Even though Rick could have given it all away at times, he doesn’t and I kinda liked his courage. He’s had such an incredibly raw deal that his ability to let himself be open to that kind of pain was beautiful and subtly written.

The cast of secondary characters are myriad, but the other one who stood out was Melinda strangely enough. She’s so uptight and a total prig. The book leaves you just dying to know what will happen if she finally looses it. I feel so wrong about the glee in that statement, but it was so true. hehe.

From pool parties to porn parties, hot bodies to dead bodies and weird old ladies sneaking looks through the neighbors window; this is a wonderfully vivid, romantic and entertaining read, with much heart and a rather perceptive eye.

Get it here from Dreamspinner Press.
Check out Eric’s blog and the new book in the series Suburbilicious.


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