Out of the Blue by Josh Lanyon.

outoftheblueAfter the death of his lover Bat is a man who seems to have no reason to carry on other than leading his squadron into battle. There he takes unnecessary risks and is filled with despair. Things get even worse when, on the verge of being cruelly blackmailed, he accidently kills the man trying to extort money from him. Cowboy, an American pilot proves to be an unlikely ally after witnessing the crime and comes to Bat’s aid. Cowboy has his own agenda however and exacts a high price for his assistance and silence.

The book had such a taut opening, a murder, a lover dead in tragic circumstances and an incredibly lonely man. I wondered just how the author was going to achieve a romance between Cowboy and Bat under such difficult circumstances. Surely to make Bat a sympathetic character and not seem a little flighty in his affections there had to be mourning? But, somehow he manages to pull it off. Josh Lanyon does it without making light of Bat’s grief and captures the essence and urgency of the time period precisely. Where living in such a desperate era, grief was dealt with and not dwelt on as tomorrow it might be you.

Bat and Cowboy have incredible chemistry, even if Bat is a bit, “No, no, no…awww ok,” at times. Oh the angst! I kinda liked that though. That whole reluctance and sense self preservation kicking in, because he doesn’t want to be hurt again. Even when he just knows deep that this dangerous American is going to fry his brain with dirty and oh so rocking sex up against a wall, or wherever is handy! I was most impressed with the total hotness of the writing. I KNOW, supposed to focus on the higher nature of their feelings for each other, but Lanyon so nailed it in this book. Hello fogged glasses. O-o

I’m finding I have a bit of a yen for historical novels at the moment. As long as they’re well done and don’t jump the shark and try and wrap everything up in a bow! This is not the case with Out of the Blue though. It was an absolutely magic read that delivered several hours of deliciously good reading. Smart, hot and clever with beautiful historical detail and attention to the time period, which left me wanting more.

Check out the ebook here at Liquid Silver Publishing.
Josh Lanyon’s website and blog. AND if you’ve a PS3, then do check out Red Baron an arcade game. Hours of fun!


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  1. Sarah, this is such a lovely review. Thank you.

    I just realized that I tend to write my sex scenes a little earthier in my historical fiction. Hmmm. Hadn’t ever thought about that before! I wonder what that means? Trying to bring the past alive? Any excuse? *g*

  2. You just KNOW I’ll be getting this one and soon. Love Josh’s books. Haven’t read a bad one yet. 🙂 Thanks for the review Sarah.

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